New Video: Pharrell “Marilyn Monroe”


Girls Rule.

From the dance studio to the main stage, Pharrell celebrates mankind’s greatest gift in his new video. We see you too, Kelly Osbourne. G I R L  in stores now.

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  • carltoBnb

    man this guy is so corny

    • Esquire

      There’s openly gay artists out there that cater to more your taste

    • Kingly_Caracter

      I agree…He made no mention of Drugs, guns, bad bitches, THOT’s, of Bottles. For a dude that professes how “Gangsta” he is all the time…Pharell is really disappointing me with this one. I wonder what happened. SMH. He should go back to trap music… -______-

      • Dashing28

        ^This guy FTW.

  • el jim chapo guzman

    This nigga done lost his mind. He went from Pharrell to skate board p, to this anonymous bull shit. I thought he sold that silly looking hat.

    • Kingly_Caracter

      (Warning: Excessive sarcasm ahead)

      You’re right!!!…He should have not developed and GROWN into one of the most successful, respected, and diverse musicians in the world today. He should have remained a “boy” forever. Niggas don’t get it…change is stupid. Only dumb ass niggas try to grow and better themselves. Corny shit. How dare he dissatisfy your love of stagnancy. Saluteto you… “real nigga shit” right there! -________-

  • goon dont like this

    typical hoomdoogie nigga worshiping a white woman FUCK OUTTA

    • Kingly_Caracter

      You poor, insecure, bastard…

    • cA

      Did you even listen…?

  • Da Business

    Lp of the yr, love this joint. Pharrell do u bruh, u’re killin’ them right now.

  • Louiev

    Dope video. Pharrell has been on a roll lately, I dig it.

  • Carlos Danger

    dude just different with it he see’s things different..this is another one that will climb to the top cause he’s happy.

  • nerdywilliams

    TO all the haters below, hate all you want in the industry people want to get in a studio with him BAD cuz he has the magic touch and all you have is this blog right here sad little people are ya? STARTRAK 4 LIFE

  • splfiifififff

    Monroe was white. Why not pay homage to the girls name your profiting from rather than putting a bunch of videos hoes on center stage like their lives revolve around anything else than being a video hoe and poking holes in condoms?

  • The Incredible Creation

    Skateboard P a genius, bruh… ya’ll mad? lol


    Dope SONG