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Ja Rule’s surely has had his share of his highs and lows and he has put it all on a hardcover, Unruly: The Highs and Lows of Becoming. The memoir drops July 1, so get your pre-orders in at BN or Amazon now.

Ja Rule, actor, singer, songwriter, and one of the most multi-dimensional rap artists of his time, tells his compelling story—from his youth to his rise to international fame to his transformative two years in Federal prison—and reveals the man beneath the legend.

Unruly is two stories that offer one complete picture of a man and his world: the angry, fatherless rapper, Ja Rule who was “raised by the streets”; and Jeffrey Atkins, the insightful, reflective father and loyal husband who learned the hard way how to be a good man.


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  • cain45

    A good read salute to ja rule

  • Ghandi Capone

    J rule need to put out an album


    Big Homie, I know we’re living in an age where people don’t really care about grammar any longer. However, you’re a journalist, and supposed to have a better command of English.

    So that first sentence should be: Ja Rule surely has had his shares of highs and lows, and he has put it all on a hardcover….

    Proofread your stuff, Big Homie. Proofread your stuff.

    You’re welcome 😉

  • Rob Get-It

    “Actor, SINGER…..” ..wait…singer? Lmao