New Music: Wiz Khalifa “James Bong”


Bong Bong.

Over ID Labs’ production, Wiz Khalifa’s in the lab and cooking up freebies for the stoners. Blacc Hollywood coming soon.

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  • Marconi Banks

    Wiz needs too put down the jay for a day n refresh, he’s falling off rapidly

    • HS87

      u trippin wiz dat nikka b he should sign dude sounds exactly how KANYE DID WHEN HE MADE COLLEGE DROP OUT but over YEEZUS TYPE BEATS

      • urrrr

        nigga what u need to lay off the jay for a day..this niiga sound nothing like college drop out kayne…chop off your ears nigga

  • Uncle Tom

    Wiz went into the studio, shrugged his shoulders and said fuck it. Smh this track is garbage

  • OKKK

    THe past 3-5 tracks I’ve heard from Wiz sound, lyrically they have been SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO fucking uninspired.
    (and i mean that in the song writer sense, not in some “this nigga’s bars make him the best” way)

    He needs a hiatus.
    Or he needs to go that michael jackson/Kanye route and record close to 100 songs and ONLY put out the actual good records

  • el jim chapo guzman

    this nigga fell off cause he ain’t hungry no more.

  • STRIK9

    ‘Bruce lee the way I kick it’ How in the fuck does this clown have any fans, honestly?

  • tgod since 09

    Anyone hatin on this banger need 2 drink some bong water gangxgang

  • J

    The good news is this ain’t the wackest track I’ve ever heard. Maybe the second or third Wackest

  • RealDealĀ©Hill

    Turn up Wiz.!!!!!

  • RealDealĀ©Hill

    Look how I whip, how I whip it