Rappers On Donald Sterling’s Comments

Donald Sterling, V. Stiviano

Das Racist.

This weekend, racial comments, allegedly from L.A.Clippers owner Donald Sterling’s sparked an outrage on and off court. Everyone from Magic to Obama had something to say, and of course, the Hip Hop community turned to social media to voice their opinions.

Game: I have to say that after listening to the full audio clip of Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling making racists comments towards (minorities) specifically African Americans & Hispanics, I am totally outraged & very upset !!! He also went on to say that because Magic Johnson was black he did not want Magic to attend any of the Los Angeles Clippers games. Myself being African American & having a huge Hispanic following… I find myself in a position to defend both my heritage & that of all of the Hispanic community, not only here but around the world…. Whom, both are very supportive of not only the Los Angeles Clippers, but every professional sports franchise in Los Angeles & elsewhere specifically the Los Angeles Dodgers… Whose owner & opposing Los Angeles Lakers great “Earvin Magic Johnson” was both disrespected & racially profiled by the Clippers owner. Not sure on exact numbers but I’m pretty sure Hispanics alone make up at least 65% of ticket buyers for Los Angeles Clippers games as well as merchandising. With that said, it was not only ignorant & racist but a non-calculated & disgusting business move on Donald Sterlings part. In the support of my own race, Hispanics & every other race whose been fighting current & past racism I have now started the #ESC which is short for #EMPTYSEATCAMPAIN asking ALL Los Angeles residents to boycott the next Clippers game by not attending which will prove that we are more of a MAJORITY than the previously stated “minority” label given to us by Mr. Sterling. Although I feel for friends of mine that play for the Clippers franchise such as @CP3 whose own team owner considers a minority…… I now, along with good friend & designer @ceoselfmade ask everyone who reads this WORLDWIDE to RE-POST this picture & hashtag: #BoycottClippers #ESC #EmptySeatCampaign #Support #OGMagicJohnson #StopRacism #OneWorld #WeAreAMajority

Meek Mill: Donald sterling is the definition of racism …. He could b your judge…. Your doctor…..you teacher etc… I bet nothing happens 2 him!

Nas: True “Colors” always reveals itself.

Q-Tip: I hope the clippers boycott today’s game. If that team steps on that court Muhammed Ali, Jim brown, ect.. Shld be offended as shld we

9th Wonder: The Los Angeles Clippers should NOT step on the floor the next game….

Freddie Gibbs: Clippers should put somethin on their jersey tonight to send a message. Black tape or somethin like that.


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  • Davide Leroy

    Majority of the Clippers fans are Hispanics and Black… imagine if basic was an all white man sport… BORING AF!

    • leroyjenkins

      true. because that’s exactly what matters here. the fact that they are black makes them good and exciting to watch. you’re on to something horse-guy.

      • Davide Leroy

        its an Zebra… dumbs

  • MannyThoughts

    Before jumping up with all sorts of insults and such, I want to know how the audio was obtained and who released it.

    • Davide Leroy

      she recorded it and released it to TMZ

      • MannyThoughts

        Hence why it’s sketchy as hell. She’s already in some hot water due to not cooperating with authorities on this case, but she’s also involved in another one, so it’s not immediately clear the premise of this. On top of all that, the wording in what Sterling said and how he stated it isn’t reflected in what the responses to this is. I’d have to hear the whole story.

        • OKKK

          what do you mean? The only way he was even baited is by her posting pictures recently that were months old.

          The recordingS (emphisis on the plural since more of the convo was released) released is also RECENT. So yeah, she recorded him and set him up to let his private thoughts public… so what?
          Never fuck with a woman scorned, and she told him she’d “get him back”
          The dude makes it CLEAR that he is in some sort of relationship with her even tho he also, or his family, has a lawsuit against her. The whole story is, at no point has he denied that he said these things, he has not denied its his voice, the Clippers president’s statement says in a dumbed down way that

          “Donald Sterling said these things, but doesnt feel this way about Magic. Magic, you’re one of the cool negros. The girl on the recording is a golddigger that Sterling is also dating and currently has a lawsuit against.”

          like really?

          What more do you need to hear?’

          • MannyThoughts

            No one said that he was right for any of this stuff that was said. I simply said I’d have to hear more of the situation. I heard the tape, and read the transcript, and it isnt the same as what people are making it out to be.

        • OKKK

          How is this situation any different from Mel Gibson’s drunk (see at least he had THAT in his defense.) rants on a pack of niggers or jews?

          want a hint?

          Its fucking not

        • LuckyP

          please. you heard what he said just as the rest of us did. aint nothing “sketchy” about words he chose to say

          • MannyThoughts

            I heard the tape and read the transcript and what I saw/heard was a man suffering from a twisted culture and circumstance. I didnt see anything that implicated him in the same light as what he is being painted as. There were many instances where she tried to put him in the racist box, but he clearly refuted it and gave his stance why he wasn’t and also offered to drop the matter as she kept trying. As I listened, having the knowledge that she knew she was going to release this tape, she kept trying over and over to put the label on him. What I hear from him is someone who is fearful of what society will do to his reach, I don’t hear a profound hate towards a race in his words. He still has the wrong view set, but not a racist one.

          • nasislike

            Here folks is what we call “new black”

            Classic Uncle Tom….

            Look at his HISTORY if you truly dont think he is racist.

            this is just the tip of the iceberg that you’re obviously just seeing.

            This is a man with a KNOWN history of racist activities.

            Go read that.

          • MannyThoughts

            So I’m the uncle tom because I want to see the REST of the story before coming up with a quick decision, even though I outright said what he said was wrong anyway?

            Go on and keep being a fake revolutionary then. You’ll jump on some golddiggers attempt to get some pub real quick with an incomplete recording, yet a BLACK man comes up and says he wants to hear more of the story, he’s the idiot?

            This is why the culture suffers the way it does.

          • nasislike

            no you aint an idiot but you are being idiotic because, again, the man has been in trouble for being racist.

            READ UP, im not on any sort of revolutionary, its just i follow basketball enough and knew this BEFORE the gold digger tried to get “publicity” (all she’s geting is instagram follows.so oooookay on that)

            so again, yes. youre being idiotic because none of the reactions are quick when this isn’t the 1st, 2nd, 3rd. 4th or 5th time this man has done or said something hella ignorant and or blatantly racist. this is just the 1st time someone set him up to show his true colors.

            but correct me if im wrong, a laxative only works on a stomach that is full of wast no?

            so setting up or baiting a racist person to say something racist isn’t that fucking hard.

            and please remember the dude is STILL, as of at least last week, STILL WITH THE GOLD DIGGER.

          • nasislike

            quit acting like she had a gun and a tape recorder to his head, this was a phone call conversation recorded.

            On top of that, and i really cant stress this enough so ill keep repeating it until you adress your lack of knowledge on it, THE MAN HAS DOCUMENTED HISTORY OF BEING RACIST. Saying racist things, evicting people BECAUSE OF RACE and being found guilty of it. Never ever denying that.

            Also, how come he hasn’t said anything? The clippers president said something with maybe 25% of it being on the behalf of Sterling.

            The dude done fucked up on tape, got CAUGHT on some grimey shit being racist again for the 1st time in a good long while and knows it and can’t do shit about it.

            Meanwhile we got you on here talking bout… .”i need to hear more…”

            bro, you aint chappelle on the stand in that one skit

          • MannyThoughts

            I’m not here to debate with you on why I choose to hear more of the story, and not jump to shitty conclusions. So I’m not going to be replying back and forth with you on it.

            The only thing I’ll say is this: you keep repeating saying that he has a history of being racist. Well if that is all good and true, how come there weren’t any protests or outright responses like now? Why weren’t they covering up their logos then and dropping their jerseys on the floor at that time? Why is it that after a tape being released where he goes onto even rebuttal why he isn’t racist the time when people jump up and say “fuck you, blah blah”?

            More than half of the time in the convo, the dude is flabbergasted by what she claims and even tries to send her away, but she is the one that keeps trying to goad a specific response.

            All I heard from this convo is not about a dude being racist, but instead the fear of losing his power in the league because of the perception from his social circle. He kept saying she should do what she wanted, but don’t do things that get his circle talking. I didnt hear one time that black people shouldn’t come to the games, but instead he kept saying she shouldnt bring them as her guests because of what his circle would say. If anything, this makes me think that his circle would limit him in some way or form and that there is a lot of shadiness going on in the league on the ownership level (which is honestly nothing new). People saying boycott the games and fire him aren’t solving the problem if this is truly bigger than him. This is the most obvious point when he says “this is the world we live in and Im not trying to change it”. This shows he’s not trying to lose his power. This is a dude in fear and these types of setups are all throughout the financial world til this day.

            Like I said, I’ll look further into it and I don’t need anyone’s approval on it.

          • nasislike

            wow, all i can say is, i knew what the word meant. But I’ve always wondered what it or one looks or sounds like. Especially because i never thought anyone could actually be one in a pure sense. but thank you for showing me a very VERY clear example of exactly what an apologist is.

            A devil’s advocate if you will. Thank you.

          • nasislike

            oh, and the biggest reasons for the outcry being this way now? and not before, or not 3 years ago or whatever is because 1, most players on the team he owns weren’t even in the league last time he was being a racist dick (in public, oh the irony.) 2. because his racism wasn’t involving the majority of the NBA. seeing as its mostly black 3. im sure their wasnt facebook, twitter, instagram (aka the reason this even happened) etc etc. back in the early 2000s when he got in some shit a couple times over being a complete racist dick. and back then it wasn’t about his “status in his circle” cause the dude was rich before he owned the clippers seeing as he bought them while they were ABSOLUTE TRASH. he MAY have spent 30mil on em. MAYBE. they are worth almost 10 times that.

            and on top of that, idk. these are rappers who he’s mentioning. Kobe only said he couldn’t play while most other NBA players have said things along the lines of “we have no place for this in the league.”

            and another thing, the “this is the world i live in and im not trying to change it” arguement is exactly what the south’s whole poiint was during the civil war. but thats another topic.

            and please, keep looking further into it.

            but in the mean time, could you tell me how asking his mix girlfriend to somehow change or remove her heritage, how he said she can fuck and do whatever with black people just dont be public about it because it will make me look bad, how he’s like, i like black people, i give them clothes cars and money, but don’t bring them to my games isn’t racist

            please explain that, cause if you tried to date a white girl and she told you her parents said some shit like that, you wouldnt just be like… oh well they’re just in fear of losing their power or friends in their shady circle.

            C’mon son….

          • majormar

            U a dumb ass. Damn u brainwashed and don’t even know it. U can record me a million times and couldn’t get them racist remarks out of me. Stop acting like u black whitey

          • nasislike

            for this man to say this shit, like come on, you cant be that simple and nieve. You dont say shit like this, you dont have this man’s documented history and NOT be racist. His view on the world, or the culture is racist. How can you not see that?

            oh wait, i dont think you’ve read up yet….

          • Young foreign

            She was sounded like a chink. From hangover 2 love u long time type of bitch. Clippers have a team fool of uncles besides j craw anyway jj redneck in the starting 5 come on mayne. Didn’t he call someone a nigger or some shit like that

          • Cole world

            You better be a white boy coking to his defense like that… Smh get your shucking and jiving ass outta here…

          • Kingly_Caracter

            He compared black people to “Dogs” dude…cmon. Reaching?

    • It’s Just Music

      To ManyThoughts:

      In 2009, Sterling spent $2.73 million to settle another suit, this time brought by the Justice Department, which alleged Sterling refused to rent his apartments to non-Korean tenants, preferring that black and Hispanic prospective tenants look elsewhere. The lawsuit quoted Sterling as saying in sworn testimony that “Hispanics smoke, drink and just hang around the building,” adding that “black tenants smell and attract vermin.”

      If that doesn’t clearly outline someone who is racist then you sir are a dumbfuck defending another dumbfuck.

    • Cold world

      Who cares how it released she didn’t make him say it! He prob talks that way all the time so she trapped his old ass, point is he said it!

  • CP3

    Politics as usual

  • YouPussyThenPullYourPantiesUp

    I think the games message was deep and needs to be promoted.

    • Young foregn

      That nigga didn’t write tht shit come on bruh don’t be gullible!!

      • YouPussyThenPullYourPantiesUp

        He might not have wrote all of it but hes not stupid am sure he thought some of it.

    • TeF

      LOL, The Game’s ghostwriter needs to be promoted. Not to mention, his little call to arms failed harder than his last music effort.

  • HeruthaGod (Original N-G-R)

    Clippers shouldn’t have played at all. That’s the deepest message you can send

  • Young forigno

    Game shoulda spelt that ESC wit a B blood #emptyseatbampain on bompton

    • majormar

      U a dumb ass

      • Young foreign

        It’s a joke u pussy nigga. Only a square would’ve thought I was serious!!

  • Sina Mailer Daemon Djavadkhani

    Why was that conversation recorded? Forget all of this , this world is crazy

    • Michael Ibbett

      The girlfriend probably trying to get a reality show or something

    • It’s Just Music

      We live in an age where privacy is hard to maintain. We should all be use to this by now. You wouldn’t text someone or post a message online of something you don’t want the world to hear. If you want privacy you talk face to face if possible, and even that can be recorded.

      Also we are talking about a very wealthy business man with a ton of money.
      Anyone who works in business or has maintained that wealth knows

      1) They are always a target of scrutiny
      2) Avoid bad publicity as your life depends on good reputation

      This should have never been said on or off the record. If the girlfriend got a confession out of this man that he killed someone of the other hand, should she respect his privacy? Fuck out of here.

      Plus his girlfriend was black and mexican, aka the very ‘minorities’ (which are becoming the majority internationally btw) who he completely shitted on. No one thinks SHE would be pissed off also? This man completely degraded his girlfriend like a bitch over the phone.

      Regardless, there is absolutely no excuse he can pull that can justify what this man did. Fuck him, once again.

      • Sina Mailer Daemon Djavadkhani

        Um, sure what he said was wrong , but yo… why was he recorded in the first place man this is crazy!!

  • Esquire

    Fuck All These Rappers Talking About “The Clippers Shouldn’t Play” If It Was The Powers That Be At Universal That Said Some Racist Remarks Like This Is The Whole Cash Money Going To Stop Releasing Albums? Game Fuck Outta Here With Your “Hispanic” Talk, Latinos don’t refer to themselves as hispanic! Meek Mill Make A Song About Making A Million Off A Corner (I fuck with the song don’t get it twisted) But Mad At The World If He Go To Jail, Its The White Man’s Fault Because His Judge, His Teacher, & His Doctor, Were White! These niggaz always become PROBLACK when someone outside the “race” says something “offensive” but promote destruction amongst each other on a regular basis, fucking clowns!

  • snoop got straight to the point lol

  • It’s Just Music

    All the players from the Clippers are bitches, plain and simple.
    Warming up with your jersey inside out and then playing in the uniform? No self respect at all.

    I understand you have to make a check, but not only do you probably have enough money already; also the dude you work for basically said “Fuck you and your entire race of people”.

    People like Donald Sterling need their genes erased from the gene pool of humanity. People like him set ruin the concept of world peace for everyone. Fuck him.

  • Ok


  • Ok


  • Carlos Danger

    he’s not the only racist in the NBA what he said was wrong but that bitch set him up can’t stand money hungry hoes..they do anything to get that dollar..i would have that bitch ass beaten. bigteespot.spreadshirt. com/