Future On ‘Arsenio’


Arsenio’s Future.

Future moved the promo over to Arsenio last night for a sit-down interview. During their discussion, he spoke on his Dungeon Family affiliation, relationship with Ciara and their child. Afterwards, he hit the stage for “Honest” and “I Won”,  Honest in stores now.

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  • bcl187

    Heyyy future enjoy ur 15 mine of fame! Cause u gonna lose ugly no talent ass homo!

    • GetReal

      you sound retarded if you think he’s really having 15 mins of fame, he has been behind a lot of hits meaning he aint going nowhere

  • GreenBergs

    Rich homie quan has the potential to be a great
    Artist, unlike future, dude is god awful..at least rich homie blew up off a good song..

    • GetReal

      brah rich homie quan is going no where, future is behind a lot of the hits you hear now, whether he is on it or not