Lil Boosie On ‘The Combat Jack Show’


Bad Azz Interview.

Lil Boosie was in town last week and during his press run, he’s stopped by The Combat Jack Show. Below is a rundown of their hour long conversation. Dallas Penn, where the hell are you?!

The Tupac of Baton Rouge was in the building looking so clean. Lil Boosie gives us this exclusive on his seven children, his relationship with Pimp C, Webbie, Bun B and Young Jeezy. How freedom feels after being out over a month. And what kept him sane all them years in jail, and where the “Boosie Fade” came from. He’s doing other interviews, but you already know where his best one is coming from. Wipe me down Internets!

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  • Viva La Raza

    been loving Lil Boosie’s press run..
    ton of gems..

    cant wait to hear more of that ghetto gospel from Boosie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • PTK

    greatest intro ever

  • esdee

    Whoever makes all the graphics for the combat jack show needs to do album cover or even magazine ads. They all amazing and give you a story.

    • MannyThoughts

      Was just about to say the same thing. Really impressive.

    • MissPeaches

      His name is @theotisjones on Twitter; know about him.

    • Brian B.Dot™ Miller

      I agree

  • O WA$H

    Best interview since boosie came home!!! that quality street music back! The fake can’t hide anymore! #WelcomeHomeBoosie

  • Mario Rivas Gutierrez

    This was prolific…
    just to hear a man’s story…
    Salute to the Combat Jack show for sharing this platform…

  • MissPeaches

    That gurl on Twitter (@freshalina) tried to told us; now we know. Boosie nice!

  • Ig YungWizzleTl3

    Best boosie interview EVER!!!

  • Johnny Caruso

    Heard that boosie got 3 more songs with that big booty girl K.I bet they going to be banging this summer.How many of yall remember “booty talk” that he that song.TD2CH July 15th