2 Chainz Responds To Funkmaster Flex

DJ Prostyle 3rd Annual Birthday Bash

Chainz Saw.

2 Chainz was at the Best Buy Theater last night for DJ Prostyle’s birthday concert. While on stage, “this nigga from Atlanta”, responded to Funkmaster Flex’s slight on Highly Questionable. On the show, Flex said Tity Boi spit the worst freestyle ever.

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  • slyfox

    Flex spoke the truth. Sad part is, dude could spit a dope verse, but he chooses not to and acts like a dumb retard, because thats what works.

    • brooklyna

      Yup yup tell em!

  • Hannibal Lecture

    Welp no more Hot 97 for you!

  • it’s the roc

    This is the moment when Flex would ask, Who you mad at? Me or yourself?

  • Had an open heart surgery a month ago and my heart is beating irregular now. Bless me with a like so I know y’all praying for a nigga. Will probably have to get another procedure done. Fuck!

    • Chronic

      If likes are what really makes you happy in life just off yourself now, cause life’s gonna get a lot tougher

      • BCE

        Conceptual Homie. This man has a harder life than you and I am sure he knows others have it harder than him. Everybody has something. Yours might be hate.

        • Chronic

          Besides the point he’s probably just a troll trying to get likes….why would you come to a rap site just to post some shit like that? I’d understand if it was on a site where he actually knows people on it like facebook, but this is nothing more than a a try for some pity likes.

          • BCE

            Right I’m sure he is too. I didn’t like it either its just why point out that you are on another level than he is. We both know

    • Carlos Danger

      hang in there champ and say a prayer or 2 when you get a minute to yourself.

    • oneloveonebeing

      be strong my g

    • Guilt trips for likes? What a faggot. Smh.

    • bigfoot2011

      U better be sincere. Pray for u

    • forthelulz

      i sent a ‘rayer up to the based god for you my g

      ay like pac say…ladies you got to keep your head up

  • Carlos Danger

    2 madddddd..he mad at himself dude drake pulled out his phone funkflex say he caught you off guard… bigteespot.spreadshirt .com/

  • Free Gunplay’s Chain!

    Was Flex lying? Don’t get mad come harder next time champ.

  • Richard Practor Jr

    just heard the freestyle, it wasn’t that bad, I heard wayy worse,Flex just lookin for attention for that bum ass show on VH1.

    • Justin Time

      How was he looking for attention? They asked him who spit the worst freestyle. And Flex didn’t really wanna say but he answered anyway.

  • Dan Karlin

    2 Chainz is for people who consider Lil Wayne’s cataloge too much of a thinkpiece.

    • Idiots, basically.

      • Dan Karlin

        I’m glad we’re on the same page here.

    • lame af

    • Erased my comment, youmadorNA

      LIL WAYNE? You talk about thinkpiece and say dumb a$$ Lil wayne? How about Joey Bada$$, Nas, Common, J.Cole, Wale, Kendrick Lamar,…….LIL wayne is just as retarded as 2 chainz.

      • t


      • Dan Karlin

        Yeah, that was the whole point of my comment. I meant- …you know what? Fuck it.

      • Nigga, you dumb as fuck,

        • Erased my comment, youmadorNA

          Lmao shut your lame Noreaga looking ass up bitch boy. Wack rhyming selfie thug, sit down faggot.

          • Ok keyboard gangsta LOL All that from behind a private account. Eat a dick with your pops.

          • Erased my comment, youmadorNA

            Lmao. At the end of the day I’m still that nigga, the CAN man, anybody CAN get it, an AfriCAN, even a struggle rhyming, joe budden chin strap rocking, Rock eyebrow raising, strike a pose for the selfie, 4 state claiming, broke stunt double NoreagaCAN get it.

          • Wack. Smh.

          • Erased my comment, youmadorNA

            Haha, peace god. …Bitch ass nigga.

          • You still typing when I told you go eat a dick with your Pops bitch ass nigga.

          • Erased my comment, youmadorNA

            Shut the fuck up, lame looking faggot nigga.

          • Come from behind that private account after you finish eating that dick with your pops. Salute.

          • Erased my comment, youmadorNA

            Salute? LOL you’re corny as shit fam. Ya’ll niggas be watching too much fucking mtv, too much lil wayne and ross. You thug huh? LOL. Corny ass lil niggas. Go to school, Get a a career bitch boi, you cant rap.

          • Got a career. Wayne & Ross are frauds & faggots. I’m not a thug, I’m just a nigga telling you to go eat a dick with your pops.

          • Erased my comment, youmadorNA

            Yeeeeah aiiiiiiiiite, lol. Bayside ass. New generation full of fuck niggas mane.

  • smoss44

    wasn’t that bad and it was off top

  • Fiyah

    Why these rap niggas so sensitive these days? Soft ass niggas.

  • Esquire

    Honestly the wackest freestyle I’ve ever heard on Flex’s show was Asher Roth

  • ThaRealHater

    Why is it bad if someone says ur wack? Nigga U cant please everybody. Ask God.

  • Louiev

    2 Chainz got some fuckin nerve…


    Troy Ave had by far worst freestyle

  • ncprecise

    in his feelings

  • BlackCrown216

    Does that mean he thinks hes a good rapper?
    Hes an ABC rapper who cat in the hat all his verses. See, this is what happens when you gassed. That ratchett ass music he makes got his head pumped up due to the attention receives from the hood. Gucci, migos, young thug and boogie receive the same shyt and they are all trash too……

    I dont get it. I really think he thinks hes good yall. Did yall hear him call the shyt tht he does “a craft”?? What nerve….what audacity, what gall…..the temerity. …smh…

    Hes a strip club rapper. Take setting where most people arent paying attention to the dumb stuff hes sayin and are too high and drunk to notice. Hes wack. Period.

  • Justin Time

    Crazy part is…he’ll need Flex before Flex will need him

  • Jeremy Conley

    Yea fuck that nigga flex for having legitimate criticism of my music, and fuck every nigga that judge my lyrical ability on a freestyle! How dare they? Im getting this money still! #AllMoneyAintGoodMoney

  • Abe6772

    These two clowns are still around

  • Vins

    He knows damn well his freestyle was wack, so he’s telling himself what he achieved to think that makes it ok

  • The Incredible Creation

    Can’t take criticism huh? lol calm down… smh http://toomanyfuckinrappers.tumblr.com/