New Music: Lil Boosie “Heart Of A Lion”


Animal Ambition.

Lil Boosie’s ready to Touchdown 2 Cause Hell on July 15th. But before causing a raucous, he showcases his animal instincts on his first single. While he seems to be on the right path, the lion still has some ways to go before he can reclaim king.


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  • TM

    Sounds like Boosie warming up… The shit cool…

  • Ocho

    Boosie is gonna give us the heat we need… just gotta wait on it.. this is chill tho

  • Bkmkj

    well this was dope…didnt expect it…

  • Boring.

  • majormar

    Idk about this one

  • dacliff

    this go……………

  • Donn

    I just wanna hear facts and real life bars. Spare me the drug talk, the bragging, just put together bars that touch the heart and not fantasy bars and cliche subject matter.

    • Bkmkj

      then you need to listen to a different artist if you dont like what he is spitting…

  • IamRealTalk-BdotLivesWithDad

    dope .. 2/2 so far


  • brooklyn garnets

    what a terrible beat

  • Mo

    Nothing special

  • The Incredible Creation

    hope this isn’t on the album..

  • Johnny Caruso

    I give this song a C-plus, could have been better though with a better beat and not so long and drug out hook, maybe shorten the hook some and start out verse one with out the hook.Lyrics on fire.But I expect him to give us that real shit come July 15th like he has pretty much done on all his albums.”My Life ” on his first Album is where it all started I’d play it for you if I could.TD2CH boosie !!