New Video: Papoose “Cough Up A Lung”

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Where Brooklyn At?

Hoodie Season 2 came and went. But with Ice-T by his side, all eyes are on Pap in the accompanying visual to his “Where I’m From” take.


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  • Ghandi Capone

    You are a legend…. keep doing your thang

  • el jim chapo guzman

    stop it pap that roy ain’t your’s.

    • majormar

      How u know fuck nigga

      • el jim chapo guzman

        you most be dumb.

        • datnicca


  • iseerashonal

    Imma say this only because i think pap is a very talented rapper. He is doing everything incorrect. It makes no sense to put out this shit in 2014. Everyone has been on this b4. No one cares. Pap needs to get some quality producers and create a solid body of work, go out and promote it. Invest some more money in the project. He is repeating the same shit over and over but expecting different. He raps like a chest player but moves like checkers. Its a shame that he is so stubborn because from 04-08 he was a beast, not to say he can’t rap now, he’s still lyrical but there is a difference between a rapper and a song writer. Papooae is a rapper that sucks s writing songs. Hope he gets his shit together and stop being delusional about his music, because it’s whack. Much luv

  • YouPussyThenPullYourPantiesUp

    Don’t understand why pap gets so much hate. He keeping the lyricism rapper alive in hiphop.