New Music: Lil Wayne x Drake “Believe Me”

believe me

Who Do You Believe?

It’s hard to believe that Tha Carter V will be Lil Wayne’s final solo album. But before calling it quits, Weezy delivers his first single alongside Drake. Produced by Boi-1da and Vinylz.

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  • Anthem

    • EagleFly

      Only Anthem is King Shark The Anthem

  • dopie

    might as well be drake’s song.

    • bcro31


    • Nikayla09

      I thought it

  • DopeNative

    Goddam this new Drake and Lil Wayne is fire! Love the catchiness of this record. Carter V coming

  • jimj87

    nice.. mellow ridin music .. wayne and drake always come through

  • ulz

    RIP RIP nigga
    …. and anotha one! stay winning boy

  • DaTruthWillSetUFree

    This shot goes….C5 season is upon us…hope my niggas Wayne keep goin in….good looks leggo YMCMB back in da building.

  • 87mike

    This is pretty dope.. and to be honest a completely different direction from what I expected from their previous collabs.. promising I’m looking forward to carter V
    hopefully there will be a collab with wayne and drake that’s a party song

  • dadon9

    What was it that Hov said? “wrong sport boy you soft as a lacrosse team?”
    definitely NOT soft in this song
    a song WAY better than that khaled trash jay hoped on
    and a verse way better than what hov has come up with as of late
    before you ppl start wailing over him being the goat (he is) I just think their mini beef is over jay’s ego trip and a bit of jealousy
    hov of all ppl knows that every few years the spotlight shines on a different rapper (coincidence that he always beefs with them?)

    • eastpointvet

      this is a good song but that was the most ridiculous statement i have seen. if you missed the news Drake threw out the first negative words to hov in a mag. hov just addressed it. also what would he be jealous of exactly? hov is the goat with a certified catalog, baddest bitch in the game and about to do one of the biggest tours of the year and has tons more money than drake. i just dont see this flawed theory you speaking of.

      • jimj87

        I think hov took what he said personally.. drake was talking like a fan “its like hov can’t drop bars without art references” he never said he was wack or nothing.. then again in these print interviews its hard to tell but I think that @dadon9 is saying maybe he’s jealous of sharing the spotlight and I have to agree
        You’re looking at the bigger picture cuz yeah hov does have all those things but right now drizzy has the rap game on lock

        • eastpointvet

          he actually said he thinks its corny. Jay responded how he should have. Drake is popular yes but drake doesnt have that culture influence in the way jay does. like jay is a dude most rap fans would like to be. nobody looks at drake and says oh i wanna dress like him. its different drake is popular though but its a different type of popularity so its not even the spotlight he sharing.

          • It’s Just Music

            Drake doesn’t have cultural influence?

            The person who had everyone saying yolo?
            The one who had everyone saying ‘best i ever had’?
            The one who throws OVO fest and has tons of musical legends appear?
            The one who has collaborated with Jay, Kanye, Eminem, Andre 3k, Stevie Wonder, Sade, and countless other legends?
            The one who made ‘drake’ a feeling because of people thinking he’s too sensitive?
            The one bagging one of the most talked about women in the world?

            Yet Drake doesn’t have a cultural influence?

            And do you really look at Jay Z, another grown man, and ask if you want to dress like him?

            nothing you said holds any merit!

          • eastpointvet

            i said cultural influence in the same way jay has. Like Drake cant say stop wearing skinny jeans and all the kids stop. thats what i mean what drake has done is due to his popularity not him being the cool kid. and he didnt collaborate with Sade but whos checking your list. i know you may be a drake fan and its obvious but coming up with catch phrases aint what im talking about. and being made a joke of because of your sensitivity is not what im referring to.

          • It’s Just Music

            “what drake has done is due to his popularity not him being the cool kid”


          • timbaaa

            nah ur wrong … ppl in their 30’s and up sure none of them wanna be drake.. but talk to teens and ppl in their 20’s Drake is young and so is his fan base u sound like you been listening to dj envy too much
            ps he said the art rap world is corny not specifically jay’s verses

          • eastpointvet

            no u missing the point when i say nobody wanna be drake i mean beyond his core fans. Jay does some shit that influences the whole culture beyond those who just like him and drake doesnt have that effect and wont because he comes off as soft to a lot of dudes. and what he said was implied cause nobody else in rap aside from swizz beats even speak on art so to say its corny in the same breath that you just said he talking about art to much is implying u think him talking about art in songs is corny.

  • Home Of Philly

    This might be the best of the Drake/Wayne collabs:

    1. Believe me

    2. Right Above it

    3. She Will

    4. HYFR

    5. Miss Me

    The YMCMB movement looks like it might be taking over another summer. Last year it was Drake and this year its looking like Lil Wayne, Nicki, with a lil Drake mixed in there… Is it too early to call them the new 3 head monster a la Dre, Pac, Snoop (early 90’s) –> Jay-Z, Beanie, and Kayne (Late 90’s/Early 2000’s) –> Dre, Em, and 50 (Early 2000’s)–> now Wayne, Drake, and Nicki (2009-Present)

    • mimz

      you forgot the motto broooo
      and “love me”

      • mimz

        but yeah this is a totally different direction for their collabs.. wicked

      • Home Of Philly

        Yeah you right I did forget Motto but that would be like 5 or 6 on the list… I left out Love me bcuz 2Chainz was on there as well…

        • GetReal

          2chainz was not on that song

          • Home Of Philly

            I meant future lol.

    • Michael Ibbett

      I was gonna say beans? Really? …then I saw ya username

      • mravr23

        Bar for bar, Ransom is definitely no. 1

      • Home Of Philly

        Before beans started trippin with the drugs he was killin it. They even gave him a full stocked label to run

    • jblok

      dont forget about ransom and Im going in

    • AGREED…

  • GreenBergs

    Why waynes shit sound like somebody wrote it for him? this time really obvious imo, In this case no, I don’t believe you…

    • c

      So tired of comments like this. Wayne has never needed/used a ghostwriter. he improved/changed his style over mixtapes:
      Got to get it grinding

      Got to get it for the sake of cake

      Never fake – I bet I’ll kill you for the sake of sake

      Young and full of ambition like whatever it takes

      Never a day a snake make me/break me, I’m too thorough (whoah)

      You no see tomorrow if you try it (no!)

      Youngn’ wrap up the game – I two-tied it

      I move silent, like gangstas and mobbers

      Murderers and robbers relate to my problems

      This take all the way back to the days I was starvin’

      Caged in apartment, younging Country-Cajun from blazing New Orleans

      Raised in the part, where the crazies where caught

      Base babies, and cases over babies were fought – (woah!)

      But not in court, but in the middle of the court – so pull up a seat, (ok)

      Watch a bitch get beat until her fetus’ at her feet

      This is only for the streets, I am only from the streets!

      Came in the game with them ponies on my feet, (okay?)

      Now I’m trading lanes with the chromies on the jeep, (arrr!)

      Just the homey, I ain’t deep

      No phony in me

      I vow in holy matrimony with the heat, (I do)

      Little whodie act a donkey with the piece, (I do)

      Spent all my change paying dues, I’m at peace

      And right when it seemed that the team was in defeat, (ok?)

      I snatched the ball from cousin, beat the buzzer by 3, now the buzz is over me, (ok!)

      And Dizzy, Nut, and Slim

      And I won’t stop ‘till Sqad Up and the buzz is over them

      I Say – I won’t stop ‘till Sqad Up and the buzz is over them (nigga…)

      Sqad Up

      That’s a verse from Sqad Up 5. Came out in 2002.

      • GreenBergs

        you need to ask yourself who wrote that, gilly the kid maybe?

        • GetReal

          yea he wrote a mixtape song

  • tt


  • hiphoplight

    lillard tho, believe him ha

  • More weezy and less drizzle #nohomo

  • D

    Flames and this isn’t even the final mix.

  • Ghost

    RIP Animal Ambition

  • PTK


  • Kombe Shibemba

    Every song sounds like Drake ft Drake…

    • MannyThoughts

      honestly wouldnt be surprised if Drake wrote this record and Wayne took it.

  • dsunn

    wayne last verse sound like HOPSIN

  • b r z a

    let that beat ride why slow it up

  • I can’t believe I’m typing this but Wayne bodied Drake on the verses. Nigga ghost writer is back.

  • It’s Just Music

    Drake is playing chess with Jay and he is winning.

    Jay gets on a DJ Khaled song Drake was clearly supposed to be on. Disses Drake on it, yet is rapping on a Mike Zombie beat (OVO Signee). Song was wack and died quick as fuck.

    Coincidentally, Drake drops some crazy shit like this with Wayne, has a verse directed at Jay, produced by Boi-1da (ovo signee) and a #1 hit. Played at MGM, hyped by Mayweather etc.

    Very interesting to what we witnessing. Drake wants that #1 spot.

    • Abe6772

      I think its offenive that youre comparing Drake to Jayz. Thats like comparing Lil Wayne to eminem, it doesnt make sense

      • It’s Just Music

        Drake is doing moves the same or greater magnitude Jay Z is. only a hater would say other wise, how is that offensive?

        • Abe6772

          idk, i think im just in disbelief with rap music in the moment. 5 years ago, comparing drake to jayz was a sin

  • Louiev

    Not really a fan of either artist but this track is cool.

  • JamesTheNiggaHatingDolphin

    Wayne’s garbage half his verse didn’t make sense

  • Det Nigga

    this shit aint what y’all saying…I DON’T BELIEVE YOU…SORRY…all det tough talk…just be creative and make good music….Kendrick Lamar remains king

    • timbo

      not with one album hes not king
      prince of cali maybe

  • BCE

    Honestly i haven’t fucked with wayne musically in a minute but sounds like he might be trying again.

  • OhWORD

    You niggas hype up everything. Drake rapping/singing “I got some game from my daddy, so she might say she love me” Shit is the same melody as past songs. Wayne first verse was dope, best I’ve heard from him in a min. They should’ve let the beat keep going and not go with that slower down shit at the end. Remind me of Hov’s Tom Ford at the end of that shit

  • The Incredible Creation

    Dope, wouldn’t be surprised if Capone -N- Noreaga tried to capitalize off of that shout out by signing to Cash Money…lol *i know i’m reaching but whatever*

  • PTK

    more i listen to it the more i hate it

  • kushkidbigg

    So this nigga now using homosexual quotes as a hook? Smh, that’s on top of the zaytoven reference in the other song.. I always respected his grind, but damn bruh don’t sell out…

  • drizzle

    who ever wrote weezy’s lyrics finally made him do some work.

  • Sina Mailer Daemon Djavadkhani

    Wayne wanted a Started from the Bottom sequel (Ghosty Bell Hook Line) , and took Drake’s bsidel however, if Weezy’s first verse was a 32 instead of a 16, it could have fixed this issue. The vocal arrangement at the end is cool, but i feel that first wayne’s first 16 needed to be extended for it to feel like ‘his’ song.

  • Decent I suppose… Sounds like a NWTS Drake type beat, and it doesn’t sound like Wayne wrote his verse. That’s neither here nor there though. Let’s see what “Tha Carter V” sounds like in its entirety.

  • Samsohn

    Drake is soft and his music doesn’t evolve. This song isn’t that good.

    • samsohnbrainless

      drake is soft ya’ll been saying that for 5 years… its fact he is soft compared to most “gangsta” rappers get over it .. jesus
      ppl say it so much that its not even a diss anymore

  • KJunior(EA Streetwear™)

    Nice…Wayne and Drake both killed it. The beat is nasty as well. #FuxWitIt

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  • Ocho

    what wayne did on that first verse is what we all been wanting from him…smh killed it

  • DT

    Nobody wrote Wayne’s verse…if anybody was a fan of him back in 08-09, they’d know that this was his No Ceilings flow…smh, can’t ever give the man his credit.

  • …..

    so much dick sucking on this thread .. smfh

  • LA Tha Gawd™

    Drake On Top…

  • reallyreal

    its growing on me..