Rick Ross Escorts Adrien Broner


Boxing Chevy.

Adrian Broner had no problems tonight. Before “sparring” 10 rounds with Carlos Molina for the WBA Lightweight title, he made his grand entrance alongside Ricky Rozay. He can do it all. Ha!

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  • future

    thats exactly how it was…

  • slyfox

    why would a boxer want a wwe wrestler to walk him in to the ring lol

  • BlueScalise

    Coon #1 and Officer #1

  • Free Gunplay’s Chain!

    I knew Ross wasn’t special enough to walk Floyd out to a fight. He passed on the police escort Rozay offered. He saves those moments for real niggas like Justin Bieber and Lil Wayne.

    • orlando jackson

      na lame niqqa its depper than that

  • Free Gunplay’s Chain!

    Ross has a lemon pepper chicken wing smoothie in that cup.

  • Dwight Stewart

    Why would he need a police escort?

    • Cuz he getting his as a served too much…if roazy ain’t walk him yest the refs woulda gave the match to the next cat

  • orlando jackson

    lol its funny to see are retarded niqqas and crackaz on here are trying to kick knowledge, saying ross trynna be 50, rozay is doing that shitty is not doing, 1st 50 needed to get shotand have a platinum album to be 50 he has dre and supercraka next to him to make hit happen… 50 got fans cause of eminem and has the interscope with him cause where were they when he got shot?

    Rozay never have nothing like that he did it on his own lol …. I remember when all yall bishes was singing ‘hustling” loll

    rozay is like most of yall, fake like most of yall, but getting more money than most of yall, thats the problem, I respect a nigga that is making money from all controversy made or said bout him than to stay hatin cause im using my neighbors wifi, shame on yall mothrfuckerz lol trying to kick knowledge while yall using free wifi or waiting on the tax money to get a new swagg… if rick ross is so pusssy go make more money than him why cant yall do it … 0 platinum and rich as fuq he made it without a grammy lol

    • Free Gunplay’s Chain!

      Rick Ross made as much money as Mac Miller last year.

      • orlando jackson

        Been making that money for more than 6 years let see where miller will be

        • Free Gunplay’s Chain!

          Mac Miller’s not 40 years old and suffering from diabetes and obesity.

          • Truth

            Plus when 50 destroyed Rick Ross the first thing the label did was surround him with everyone in the industry so fans would feel like he was excepted whether he was a C.O. or not. Once all the sheep saw all the people he was collaborating with the sheep began to follow. Without the clever marketing plan to save him he would have been done.

    • BK!!

      Go ask him for a date…you sound like a cheerleader.Trick False is wack,i don’t give a fuck how much money he has.Also,if you didn’t notice his last album BRICKED!People are tired of this clown,believe it!His time is up!Notice 50 is still relevant!!!!False will be forgotton,believe that CHEERLEADER!Hip Hop is a way of life its not about lying to get where you are,he didrespects the game everytime he opens his fat mouth….GGGGG GGGGG G-UNIT!!!!!

  • Rgeezy

    Broner said, I don’t want regular security to walk me out. I want a rapping security guard.

  • Rick ross can’t play role for escorts so that would be nice click.
    Keep it up