• Terence Lipps

    Yall Epic, hit up Belairerose.com tell them you want to partner with the King of ROse’ Terence that’s me, we should film the On the Run Tour, pitch it to COx cable, or just upload it here. Belaire Rose’ Films, Rose’ Tv

    • Free Gunplay’s Chain!

      fuck outta here

  • JP

    He should’ve released the single 3 weeks ago and then the crowd would’ve been hyped AF. Going in with a molly’d stoned Bieber and unrecognized single was doomed to be awkward and fuckin lame.

  • slyfox

    why the hell would a boxer want justin bieber to walk him into the ring lol

    • Free Gunplay’s Chain!

      beats rick ross

    • radio raheem

      most are blinded by marketing… he gets all justins fan base teens to tell their daddy to buy the fight and support floyd just because justin always walks him to the ring

  • Big Dick Boi

    That was so awkward and gay. believe me.

  • LuckyP

    RR niggas hate soooo much. this is the money circus but when B DOT is roaming around, cock blowing jay with a cigar on his lips thats perfectly fine.

  • Free Gunplay’s Chain!

    Floyd turned down the police escort from Officer Ricky to walk out with some real bosses with real money.


    Where 50 at??? Champ jump sinking ship!!! FOH with Animal Ambition, all ya know that C5 its gonna sell 10x more. Thats why 50 mad on twitter, nobody care about you “agressive content” anymore, you and Nelly are on the same pace

  • Naija man

    Y’all dude is so lame as fuck complaining bout justin bierber am from Nigeria west Africa to be precise and we know may weather’s marketing scheme lol .once he wins his fight, endorsement galour in both united state and canada with heavy population which translate to more money spending hence the justin bieber thingy since his from canada with lotta white fans behind him. you guys whole perspective is wack if yall dont know that their several way to skin a cat meaning getting money lol may weather get ya money fam we rooting for u in Nigeria and we understand your chess move mane am an african knocking mexican the fuck out broner u crazy for this one but shit kool son

  • The Incredible Creation

    Extra ass clown shit… lol big money tho… just extra as fuck -_- http://www.theincrediblecreation.com/

  • orlando jackson

    ppl getting blocked on hiphopdx cause you can not say anything bout 50 cent but you not getting blocked if you shit on rozay or jay’z

  • toooooooo90

    “Believe me” has potential to be a bomb ass single but why the ef he perform it so weakly and with all that noise man.. circus for realz #smh

  • PuroTangoBlast

    Fuck all 3 of them hoe ass nigglets

  • J Muhammad get that

    Why didn’t Mik and his squad just approach Nikki and do a REMIX on her beat shit woulda sound hotter gotta pass that cash tho