2014 ‘XXL’ Freshmen Cover

2014 freshmen class

The New Class.

It’s that time of the year again that gets the people going. Earlier today, 106 & Park unveiled the cover for this year’s XXL‘s freshman class. Let’s see who graduates a year from now.

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  • cain45

    we need young thug

    • LuckyP

      the fuck do we need young thug? smh

  • bcro31

    Troy ave looks like lil cease. Lol. Not a bad class. Just don’t sign with Def jam.

  • LuckyP

    the title of this cover needs to change. maybe thatll solve a few issues people have with things. its crazy that one can be in the game for so long and still be deemed a freshman. some of these niggas have been in the limelight (not on no underground shit), tours etc for a while now. deals too. so them being considered freshmen just throws things off.


  • polopolo1

    Not the worst cover but not the best

  • tha OG

    Troy ave on this cover get tha $$$$$$$ nigga

  • tr,,

    august alsina is a singer

  • Hannibal Lecture

    The new Generation of Chi rappers are garbage, Troy Ave is not going to bring NY back with that old NY sound, Ty Dolla and August are singers and everyone else is pure sanitation except Kevin Gates and Jon Connor!

    • cain45

      lol you right about troy ave sound like ny in 2003

  • spliffjones

    I dunno should say one hit wonders of 2014.

    Connor is dope and CHance the rapper was dope until I realized he is like meek mill where every flow is the same just the beat changes.

    I dunno bout Troy Ave. sounds like 50 cent without the charisma and the Dre production behind him

    Rich homie quan? You think that dude has another hit in him? I mean you think another producer just gon give him a beat like that?

    Y is YG not on here(not that I think he is any good(not bad but his CD was lack luster imo but not the internets opinion) at least he sold a full record and not just singles)

    seriously tho all these rappers are really really good at selling singles. That sucks for the actual rap game. They can’t make a whole album to save their souls..

    Chance the rapper did ok with acid rap but every other song he jumps on sounds just like that

    • Hannibal Lecture

      YG was on the cover two years ago and his album was far from lackluster he put out the best album of the year so far!

      • spliffjones

        once again the internets say this. i listened to it in full. at work. a few times. it hasn’t done it for me. I dunno it just didn’t connect. Schoolboy Q(minus hoover street but when the beat flips Q kills it) did very well to connect with the listener. Maybe the beat selection is what made me not share the same sentiment as the internet(in real life I don’t know anyone who has heard of anything YG past “my nigga” and thats mainly because of piggy minaj and wayne) the how to rob someone song seemed like a forced copy of the biggie song back in the day. definitely inspired by it.

        • Jackson

          maybe u dont know people who heard anything except “my nigga”, but i do. and maybe rich homie quan has tons of hits left, and even if he doesn’t, he still is good lyricist

          • HeruthaGod (Original N-G-R)

            since when was RHQ ever a good lyricist?

          • MusicHead

            Y’all must’ve not heard RHQ last tape, bruh def got plenty more hits in him. Homie dope.

        • Hannibal Lecture

          I dont careabout the internet either. I listen to music. bottom line yg put out a dope album top to bottom it was unexpected because everybody who wrote him off thought he was going to be a ratchet dance artist but clearly you put up the best album of the year. Schoolboy Q had a dope album but after yg the album he got put on the back burner! Now oxymoron is a good album but is not better than my krazy life just off replay value alone.

          • MusicHead

            oxymoron a better overall album than my krazy life period

      • Brian B.Dot™ Miller

        YG album is def best of the year

        • Hannibal Lecture

          Exactly B.Dot

        • StudentOfTheGame

          the year aint over yet B.Dot a whole months to go. not saying the album aint dope, but its still too early to call

        • Everybody

          You can’t be serious? It’s just 808’s and claps. Same song and dance that we’ve heard for years.

          • MusicHead

            Niggas trippin, same song over & over & a wanna be Doggystyle

    • Derping Shrimp

      YG was already a freshman.

  • enough said

    A. troy ave is wack y’all NY niggas need to give up
    B. Ty$ and august alsina is singers wtf are they d
    oin here

    • D

      Well in reality hip hop was conscious

      , informative, intelligent, and the voice of the street. It invoked thought spoke truth to power when it was coming out of N.Y. It also produce skilled rappers. This was because once hip hop hit mainstream and really started making, corporate interest took over it determined what message would be allowed in, So most major city’s like N.Y. are far more advanced because of the it’s fast pace in information available. That why everything comes out of N.Y. So hence you clear channel buying all the urban radio stations in 90’s playing the same thing over and over, programming it’s audience to south music which has no substance. The same message, drug, bitches, make rain, wear a dress ex. the same generic message that the sheep follow. South has taken over so they think but in reality they being used as a tool to send a degrading message that destroys hip hop and serves a deeper purpose of destroying a community and killing sales because no one wants to hear the bullshit music. They can program yall dummy’s to think Alaska is the hottest city if they want to. All they gotta do is hit you in the head with it everyday and you niggas will start wanting to be an Eskimo. This nigga Young Thug is a Homosexual really nigga. This how yall rockin?

      • enough said

        don’t get me wrong NY still got legends such as jay has raekwon etc.. but Ny aint got no new talent prospering besides asap rocky

        • Note

          They have plenty of talent….the reason you don’t hear it is the explanation that dude left for you….

          Common sense i hope would kick in….there are only about 20 artist out there in Hip Hop that are even being heard on a regular basis…do you honestly think only 20 muhfuckers in the entire country is good enough to have their records played? As big as NY is do you honestly think nobody here is producing quality music? Just think about some of that shit dogs before you say something my dude….People like throwing jabs at NY because its the cool thing to do at the moment….not to mention that NY represents Hip Hop’s roots…so ultimately…when you are shitting on NY…you are shitting on the History of Hip Hop…but a lot of y’all seem to miss that notion….

    • radio raheem

      smfh its sad.. the game need cpr

  • Word

    “Don’t put me on freshman covers im posing with lunch” – Isiah Rashad. *poses with freshman on freshman cover*

    • bcro31

      Did he say this in a song.

      • Word

        Yup, on a song called Soliloquy.

        • bcro31

          These niggas are all wwe wrestlers.smile in your face, talk Shit behind your back.

    • b r z a

      Im sayin’ though kind of an oxymoron

  • marty mcfly





  • Jokes2k14


  • lance

    where CJ Fly at???

  • Lrasta

    IDC what anyone says Vic Mensa is good too Innanetape was a great piece of work

  • b r z a

    this is like the Madden cover of rap music and August Alsina is an r&b singer

  • So Icy Boi!

    Young Thug is better than these niggas.

    We need young thug!!!! swag

  • pala

    the worst xxl freshmen list for real

  • urrr

    everyone on this list is trash

    • k

      Jon Connor is trash?

  • EvenOdd

    Connor the best on there. Chance is alright.

  • young extra

    If it wasnt for Isiah, Quan, Chance, Troy it would probably be one of the mos washed up freshman year.
    This is bad for real.

  • time

    Are you debating about a magazine cover on a useless website? Or building your future?

  • Syko Studios

    @JonConnorMusic THAT’S IT! #BestInTheWorld

  • Gee

    jarren benton is mad dope. he prob the most lyrical dude up there. conner nice 2 tho

  • Damar Doles

    Cj fly?

  • radio raheem


  • Kordz Music

    Chance and August the only survivors

  • VernJ904

    Gates go the hardest out of everybody. But rich homie will have the most success.