New Music: 50 Cent Ft. Jadakiss x Kidd Kidd “Irregular Heartbeat”

irregular heartbeat

Erratic Pulse.

With Animal Ambition less than a month away,  Curtis moves in silence on this week’s release featuring Jada and Kidd Kidd. Pick up the track on iTunes now. Produced by G Rocka & Medi, Curtis


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  • LOL

    stop forcing this wack nigga Kidd Kidd on niggas, he isn’t on Lloyd Banks, Young Buck or Game’s level

    • Darth Plagueis

      Thank you so much man! SHEEEESH!!!!!!!!!
      I know Fif signed him, but that don’t mean he need to be on every fuckin joint! Dude is gap toothed trash!

      • YoMamasFavorite

        Kidd Kidd smoked this shit. Ya’ll crazy


      @LOL you must be the biggest Rick Ross MMG lover boy. That’s all hate coming out your mouth. This song is fire and undeniable. #Chill #Hatesomewhereelse

      • LOL

        no fuckface, he’s just wack. 50 is from NY and he decides to put this wack nigga aside a NY Lyricist like Jada on here? get another NY cat on here. Kidd Kidd doesn’t deserve a verse from a legend that quick.

        • FACTS

          Banger. All 3 did their thing and u doiung exactly what Jada says about bloggers. Lol


    Not Badd

  • Vadit Bolinger

    I love 50 but Kidd Kidd is wack. He needs to stop forcing him down fans throats. 50 is stubborn as hell which is why he can’t grow as an artist. He hold grudges and has way too much pride to work with new artist and producers. This song would be so much better without Kidd Kidd, Jada did his thing as usual. He needs to get back with Buck, Banks, Yayo and Game. He needs better production and he needs to get out his feelings and drop Kidd Kidd. He needs to hire a A&R so he could get rappers with actual work ethic and talent just my opinion

    • iseerashonal

      Kidd kidd been nice since sqad up mixtapes GTFOH

      • MC Blogger

        Exactly, these folos deaf or Ross STANS

    • Get Moneynigga

      Nigga you had me until you mention Game…maybe Buck but never Game he too bipolar and disloyal.50 do need to work shit out wit Yay and Banks

      • Hannibal Lecture

        Game is the biggest marketing point as far as a reunion cause hes still relevant and you can’t call Game disloyal t0 just shitted on Yayo and Banks his day one niggas.

  • iseerashonal

    Another great song by 50 cent. Comes correct everytime

  • O.G

    This album will be all around dope

  • dmc

    Scared straight is better

  • Get Moneynigga

    I just wish this was a 50 ft Jada track.Kidd Kidd not trash he was aight on this I just wanted a track with 50 and Jada or this would’ve been cold with Styles,Sheek,Banks and Yayo but it’s not.DAMN SMDH

  • inf

    I’m killing you first if we ever do a purge.. Jada’s verse was dope.

    • b r z a

      Im sayin’

    • OG

      It was bananas but 50’s flow, 16, and hook set the mood…. “thru the windows of your soul, the eyes never lie, if you ain’t scared to die, then why would u cry, you a pussy you scared, i can feel ya heartbeat…” oooooOOOooo that shit MEAN

      • illseed2

        Officer Ricky “Thug Cry” jab?

      • Ensar Pro

        yeah man … 50 cent is the best

  • MO

    This is hot.

  • wtf is this?
  • Ya bish

    This shit is boring as hell. I damn near fell asleep

  • Real nigga talking stfu hoe

    Damn I know Game, Banks & Yayo is just laughing at this niggas attempt to be relevant again smh I bet u this album sell less than Jesus Piece. Any bets????

    • Dwight Stewart

      say what? Game, Banks and Yayo need to worry about their own careers, 50 more relevant than all of them without an album.

  • Talk that shit


    • The mix

      you clearly know nothing about music bitch nigga

    • bcro31

      Shit nigga that was corny as Fuck.

      • Talk that shit

        Hahaha look at this grown ass man in his emotions cause somebody telling the truth bout his idol. 50 is washed!!!!! His career is over. This nigga lost to gay ass Kanye and then he let a co put the nail in the coffin. This nigga is done, no matter how many artist hop on his songs hahaha R.I.P. Curtis 50 cent Jackson’s career

        • NYC Shawty

          i think he was just saying your comment was corny, whether 50 cent is washed up or not.

          “put this nigga in the dryer”… like really?

  • bcl187

    Wow seriously 50 had been releasing nothing but fire lately! If he sells more then fake Ross then 50 wins for sure!! And stop saying he needs to get back with tony mayo and Gaylord banks! Times have changed and so have they! Everyone knows they reuniting on summerjam! It would be even more dope if they brought out DIPSET As Well! That would be money for NY. GUNIT N DIPSET! They run this shit!

    • bcro31

      Summerjam is about to be crazy.

    • Free Gunplay’s Chain!

      he’s not selling more than Rick Ross but he’s indie now and doesn’t have the entire rap industry holding him up like Ross does. 50 already did big sales, set records, Ross still trying to catch up to his first album sales.

      • Ya bish

        Nigga what? Oh so 50 don’t have the entire industry trying to hold him down? Damn near EVERY song 50 released had a feature on it you fucking dick rider. Yo gotti, Trey Songz, styles, jadakiss, prodigy!!! Not to mention he’s gonna be on summer jam right before his album drops. If he doesn’t sell more than Ross that’s a god damn shame. He’s getting help from the entire industry including blogs, radio stations and artist

        • bcl187

          Ma nigga!!!:D

        • Free Gunplay’s Chain!

          im talking relevant features, kanye, jay-z, diddy, lil wayne, drake

    • Talk 2 em

      This nigga is gonna sell like 94k first week!!!! Get ready for the second biggest flop of his career. The first was him selling 10 mill his first album then taking a whole year just to go gold on his last album. How do u drop that far? Smh

    • bcl187

      Well too all we all know Fake is the new real in the new generAtion. Sad thank god i was born in the 80’s.

  • The mix

    super dope … song for the streets all these MMG groupies … you have tried to hate but the songs 50 has out are way way better than any song on Ross Mastermind trashy album

  • b r z a

    Jada bodied this record he’s still got it and I agree with a few others on here Kid Kid doesn’t belong on this record should’ve been Styles or . . .

  • EchoxHotel

    Dope as hell, but why kidd kidd?!?! Y is he forcing us to listen to his wack ass!!! Shouldve had Sheek on this shit at least anybody but kidd kidd shit!

    • Dwight Stewart

      It’s his artist.

      • Giovanna Argueta

        Lloyd Banks needed to be in this track. 50 Cent fucking up

      • EchoxHotel

        You right but still doe

  • MEAN. Sounds like NOTHING out right now & I love it. #AnimalAmbition #TIMELESS

  • slyfox

    not another dope track

  • slyfox

    3rd listen and man this is dope. glad 50 aint copying what others are doing and he keeping it real

  • Sultan

    This is good

  • hostage

    I heard this on the listening session video (with Kidd kidd and meek mill) .. This is the joint I was waiting for ! ..

    • NYC Shawty

      That was funny. That was when 50 punked Trav on stage for talking tough on twitter about him not being allowed in southside. Meek saved that boys life.

  • DopeNative

    this track is pretty cool.

  • DopeNative

    But 50 Cent is putting NY in a good place.

  • Nickey Negrito

    That was decent. I really think Kidd should’ve been subtracted from this joint. It don’t feel like they spit full 16 BARS either. I wish Meth was on that track. Those beats are perfect for his voice and flow.

  • Brian Rostro

    The days of lyrical rap

  • Real spit

    I wish I had more hands… So I can give this shit four thumbs down!!!

  • Ghandi Capone

    Jada and Fifty… who would’ve thought they’ll be best friends lol

    • Strong Enough

      its just business nigga

    • NYC Shawty

      they have been cool since 2009. jadakiss put him on a song called Dump in 2010.

  • Giovanna Argueta

    Should of kept Kidd Kidd out off this. He should of been replaced with Lloyd Banks.

    Dumbass 50 cent not using one of his best assets which is Lloyd Banks. His flow would of killed The beat..
    shame on you 50 cent, i was expecting better. The man has to stop being around yes men and around those who critic his music with love.

  • capo

    jeeeeeezzzz….50s not playing around….sound is refreshing

  • Epul

    Ehh prolly the worst one he did so far… But the joint with styles is crazy

  • iseerashonal

    First time i seen so much luv on a 50 blog…the haters getting tired

  • second decent Kidd verse…starting to remind me when Curren$y stop being trash after he left CM and joined up with Damon Dash. Now i fux with spitta hardbody nohomo

  • king of LA og 8 Bunchee Carter

    gtfoh fugazi ass niggaz aint gangster,, shout out n props to Canejo aka rabbit HPS @25th n vermont laca about tht action ,,#puttn out albums while on amw list thts gangster !!! hps got shooters its nuthn!!! rest in peace to the god JMJ4L we ridn for u og big homie!!!

    • NYC Shawty

      can i get a translation?

  • Louiev

    This track is dope!

  • GreenBergs

    Damn I did not expect this song to be too good with kidd kidd and all at all, pleasantly surprised cuz this shit goes hard..

  • inf

    Beat remind me of Anthony Hamilton ‘Comin From..’ when it first comes on..

  • Marshall Mathers

    Kidd Kidd is so wack.

  • KJunior(EA Streetwear™)

    Dope track…like the dark direction that Fif has this album goin in…Animal Ambition is looking pretty dope so far, can’t even front…

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