DJ Whoo Kid On ‘The Combat Jack Show’

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Sak Pase!

The Haitian Barry White recently made his first appearance on The Combat Jack Show. The conversation lasted for over two hours, but check out the synopsis below.

How does a man stay married and yet have license to bed a thousand plus women? How does a man get kidnapped by Big Pun, and mad other crews and stay alive? How does a man get to pal around with Michael Jackson? How does one ride shotgun with 50 Cent and not get clapped at? Too many stories, but who else but Whoo Kid to tell them? Pow!

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  • MannyThoughts


  • slyfox

    great interview dude funny as fuck he needs to write a book

  • John Jay

    He’s great! great interview…and salute to Combat Jack

  • The Incredible Creation

    very good, very very good..