New Music: T.I. “Turn It”


Turn Down For What?

T.I. debuted this a few weeks ago during the BMI Battle in Atlanta. But now, DJ MLK brings forth the full CDQ. Produced by DJ Toomp, this will probably as loosie before the release of Paperwork.






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  • DaTruthWillSetUFree

    TI the model of consistency.

    Tha nigga always come thru with something for the streets.

  • fox

    You know you’re dope when even your throw away tracks are good. I agree with the previous comment, T.I.’s catalog is damn near flawless.


    Wow T.I. Is one of the greatest of all time this great work

  • sppliffniticity

    The hook saves this song. Flow is boring and done before(not the words the style) Keep that style of talking you got on the hook and maybe T.I. can make a good song.. Its been since that CD that had the song with Justin Timberlake on it(only one I can remember from that CD) since T.I. dropped anything worth listening to. Hell once I got to the second part of the hook I was done listening to this shit.

    Man why he trying to sound like YMCMB/MMG

    Need to try to sound like TDE since they actually make rap music and not music for some white tween girls who think T.I. is cute.

    Trap music fell off when T.I. only did that lil bit for all them guns.

    Snitches. Sadface.

    Trash. so boring and shit.


      Your a hater and a lame save this for your journal

    • EchoxHotel

      You obviously know nothing about T.I. And if you do and im just mistaken you just disrespected tips whole career by saying that

    • NJ

      Don’t know what your listening to but Tip killed this shit. Trap music will never die because niggas down south stay trappin. PERIOD!

    • marty mcfly

      I would hate to hear T.i trying to sound like them niggas from TDE lol. You talk about boring? Some of the most boring songs i’ve ever heard came from TDE.

    • Chronic

      You were born after 99′ weren’t you?

    • Samuel Fortier Charron

      loll you know nothing about nothing kid leave this website … take a gun …. and shoot yourself

  • slyfox

    nothing great you heard 1 you heard em all beat sounds like all the others

    • NJ

      Nigga don’t nobody else sound like DJ Toomp. U buggin

  • mac diesel

    t.i an informant #chi-raq

    • NJ

      It’s been 6 years and no record can be found of anything. LET IT GO!

      • true

        naw bruh this nigga should have been in jail a lot longer then he was

        • marty mcfly

          Yeah but money talks and T.i pretty much explained the whole case and showed you what happened in court on that show (I think it was called Redemption) he had about the issue. Im sure it gets deeper then that but having alot of money and also a huge fanbase and a show in which the judge can see you taking care of your family and a bunch of other things in your corner can get you outta alot of shit especially when the law is different in different states. Ti would get life in prison on California, in ATL he stood a better chance of getting out.

          • Michael Ibbett

            Not disagreeing with the rest…but, it was a Fed case…not state

          • marty mcfly

            Ok but again, Ti is not the common criminal so the law aint gonna treat him like he is. People might now like that but its like how many wall street capitalists you see in the feds? Not many and they break the law too.


    Alfamega got a rapradar account…T.I. Jeezy the best..They need a Joint Album..forsure!!!

  • NJ

    He got another song comin out with Young Thug that’s gon tear the clubs up! Just wait

  • smoss44

    you say you like a song you get mad likes. you say you don’t like a song and niggas come for ya neck like t.i literally jizz sperm on these niggas tongues. this shit wack and recycled. turn down.. come at me internet warriors

  • Real is Real

    Yeah this gone bang in the Caddy. TI been doing his thang. Haters be gone…

  • Kingly_Caracter

    Ok…Real question. Is eating food while you rap the new norm? TI sounds awesome as usual…but them other dudes?