New Music: Tyga x Game “Chiraq To L.A. (Lil Durk & 40 Glocc Diss)”


This Ain’t What You Want.

From Chicago to Los Angeles, Tyga and Game season their respective beefs with Lil Dirk and 40 Glocc. Surely, this will not end well.

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  • Epul

    What Game rapping like Kendrick Lamar lol

    • Blah


    • hiphopheavyweight

      Cuz it’s a flow, and GAME proved he can master any flow

  • slyfox

    tyga and cashmoney stay getting extorted by game and bws wonder how much tyga pays him also game really needs to quit with the name dropping and constantly thinking about other people and trying to copy them its so corny and i personally cant listen to it

  • haha haha

    His name is Tyga… with a y… end of story… lol what a sissy… dissing niggas doesnt mean “Maybach cost six chickens” lol huh? And he’s from LA right? He should know how to get at a nigga and truly disrespect him on a record… but he’s apart of the apathetic get money class of hip hop… culture vulture…

    • hiphopheavyweight

      Yea that’s a LA, fairfax swag on point type nigga, oh well his shit, shitted on lil durk

  • Free Gunplay’s Chain!

    Game automatically takes the L for being on a song with a fake midget from the burbs.

    • Hannibal Lecture

      Lol i agree but he undeniably killed this shit!

    • hiphopheavyweight

      GAME verse on this song can never be denied he killed it

  • Non Fiction Dixon

    Game bodied this shit Tyga is soft as medicated cotton!

  • MO

    Hate as much as you people want but Game killed this right here.

    • son they didn’t make this shit for these hatin ass internet niggaz. Lil dirk think he a man just like all these lil kids runing around chicago.

      • hiphoplight

        real niggaz know what it is.

    • radio raheem

      Game really bodied this shit

    • Hiphopheavyweight

      Yes the game murdered niggas king of the west, GAME

  • NYC Shawty

    None of these bums is topping Nicki on this beat, just leave it alone.

  • The Incredible Creation

    yeeeaaaaaa.. love that beef shit… Game went in !

  • Game came with it.

  • OhWORD

    The way Tyga flow is dope, but what he says is terrible….I don’t get it bruh. This nigga game must’ve been smoking and drinking 2days straight before recording… voice sound crazy. NIgga killed it though, and I don’t even fck with him like that.

    • GhostofHueyNewton

      You just don’t get the Lingo

    • Lateef

      But he borrowed the flow from who’s song it is…. Lil Herb

  • Lmao Game spazzed. But he’s pussy & bipolar so it’s negated. Rap his ass off though with the Kendrick flow though.

    • Sheeesh

      Game ain’t pussy. He’s in every beef possible and hasn’t backed down yet. Bi Polar yes def

    • u r a playa hater

      Game NOT A PUSSY. Didn’t you hear he smashed his wife’s eye socket and broke her nose in front of the kids, thats hard as fuck dog.

      • realist

        oh that’s what makes a dude not a pussy? Hard as fuck?
        You weak as fuck! THAT IT PUSSSY SHIT a guy that size hittin his baby mama especially in front of his kids

  • LOL

    Game ripped it to shreads, bodied 40 Glocc & Lil Durk

  • el jim chapo guzman

    Tyga is a silver spoon ass nigga he needs to stop. And leave that up to game

  • RageE

    Tyga had to go get help from somebody that use to be in the streets


    Tyga is a bitch. Why does he need to get another man to handle his beef?


    Tyga knows he’s not bout that life so he called up his big home The Game to handle it. That’s how it goes in the hood. It’s like you don’t get no credit for beating up a soft non street nigga. The Game MURDERED this nigga Lil Durk. I wanna see what Durk gonna do now. We know he can’t rap like that so if he ain’t murkin nothing that nigga gonna be in the house 24/7. LOL What makes it worse, is that Game is cool with French, Meek, and tons of people in the Chi so he screwed.

  • Guest


  • Oceans22

    Game saved tyga

  • They both killed this, but game went overtime

  • Officer Ricky

    Lil Durk is signed to French Montana who I thought was cool with Game and Tyga. Could get interesting. I hope all these wack rappers murder each other.

  • 21juicyj21

    if game used to had that flow… He woulda bodied 50 too…

    • Hannibal Lecture

      Did you forget about 300 bars!!!

      • Strong Enough

        300 bars of pure shit

        • Hannibal Lecture

          Shut up you fag!

          • Strong Enough

            sorry Game. its true

          • Hip Hop Orangutan

            Sorry. It’s not.

          • Strong Enough

            it is

  • Dope Verses

    Game went in!!!

  • kanye west

    oooooooooooooh shiiiiit Game went HAM damn.

  • hiphoplight

    “They ain’t start making guns when they made you nigga” – Game

  • Yeah Game worked out. Tyga..didn’t.

    • hiphoplight

      They both addressed they beef and tyga did his thing

  • guest

    Heard the DMX flow, Kendrick flow, Em flow but damn Game goes

  • twin

    So is this a real beef or a rap beef just wondering

  • Real nigga talking stfu hoe

    Hahahaha told ya dumb ass Snitchy Cent can’t fuck with Game. This verse is better than every song Snitchy Cent came out with in 14!!!! U know what the sad part is tho? He’s not gonna sell more than Game or Ross!!!! I hope then you’ll be able to admit this niggas career is OVER!!!!

  • tha OG

    Game killed this shit

  • spliffffshot

    Man why Tyga even on this song? Fucking horrible.

  • West Coast

    Game went Hard!!! 40 Glocc hiding..

  • time

    As long as these idiots are your idols you’ll be complaining about nonsense until you wake up and build a future for yourself and your people. Good thing legal money and being a legit millionaire isn’t cool leave it to the smart ones.

  • sway-z

    This is all well and good, but Game might not be around when “Tyga” runs into some of these niggas. The most dangerous person on the street is a fake, weak or overly sensitive nigga with something to prove. They’re liable to do anything…

  • Dennia Blessed

    This shit go so hard beat screaming my baby the game sound so sexy.

  • TopNotchN3gro

    smh, why can’t Game bring this type of energy on everything he get on?

  • wotm

    First off, Tyga you aint allowed off the front porch ass Nigga wouldn’t buss a grape with three bats, Second off how you going to byte and lead a diss with a dude from Chicago’s rap style (lil Herb) when you dissing his homie Durk who is also from Chicago. This is a lame attempt at a diss at best cause your skills are seen not to be original you used a flow and rap style of a nigga you trying to diss,Where’s the creativity. Game just stole Kendricks style don’t even have to go into that #WackSauce. Cali is in it right now with the music. However this felt and lame attempt at a diss record needs to be deleted,disregarded and never to be heard of again. Tyga really Tyga atleast be creative enough to make me believe you. In Mitch’s voice from paid in full “This aint for him B this aint for him.”

  • Kordz Music

    GAAAAAAAME!!! Hunter Hurst Helmsley murked off…