New Music: G Count “Chi-Raq (Game Diss)”



It’s funny how one letter could fuck up the Game. After the L.E.P. Bogus Boys member caught wind of Game referencing┬áthe group by “L.E.D.”, G Count sounds off.


In related news, Lil Durk called up Chicago’s 107.5 WGCI last night and revealed he has a response in the works, which will also feature the incarcerated Chi rapper, Bump J.


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  • Rico F

    you reached son

  • B

    p rico & lil jay been dissin durk and they in the same city as u game is all the way in la leave him alone this chicago niggas act like they the only ones with guns

    • Sebastian Stant

      Tell that to Lil Marc

  • Ralph

    You got to come harder than that son!! Game’s verse was mean!!!!

  • bigfoot2011

    Game in trouble

  • MO

    Nothing special..

  • Man niggaz aint leaving chicago and never beef with a nigga who got more bank

  • This is so awesome simply cuz Game’s name biting finally caught up


    REAL CHI-TOWN BO$$E$ DON’T BACK DOWN FROM BEEF!!! Game should have stuck to dissing 40 Cock & kept the “CHI” out of his mouth!!!!

  • vladimir

    i hope somebody dies FUCK THESE NIGGAS,,,,,, WARRRRRRRR

  • raj

    SONNED!!! the GAYME is once again reminded that $hit is real out here…he better start calling everyone in the CHI with an apology…

  • Hannibal Lecture

    Bottom line Durk and the Chi niggas aint pop shit in Cali and vice versa. Beef shit is played out!

  • tha OG

    Game is in trouble!!! Them chi niggas dont play G count whent in

  • TopNotchN3gro

    The truth shall set you free

    • bcro31

      Irrelevant niggas beefing. Wtf happend to game. He’s turned into TMZ headline rapper, instead of a rapradar rapper one.

      • Hello

        he always had a sucker bipolar ass personality bruhh. he kinda slow lol

        • bcro31

          I knew he was bipolar. I just didn’t know there were different levels to it.

  • Kush Montana

    He spitting a lot of real shit. Game was just talking trash but did it really well

  • Kush Montana

    Dawg yous a OG why u getting involved in little homies shit? LOL tyga much older than durk too its funny

  • DopeNative

    LMAO I always enjoy a Game Diss track. Made my day.

  • GD

    Don’t know who G Count is but this shit is hard!!! CHi-RAQ

  • God

    where these guys been? havent heard their name in the longest..
    Sorry, that Game song smashes homeboy here..