New Video: Big K.R.I.T. “Mt. Olympus”


Sparks In The Dark.

Big K.R.I.T. invitees us mere mortals to the home of the Gods in his simple, yet visually dope video. Look out for his forthcoming Cadillactica soon.

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  • kingshit

    This the best rap song that came out all year…K.R.I.T. top 10 of these new niggas…Hands down this shit is a banger…

    • JoBlow84

      Fa show maybe he can make ah case fa #1 if the album take off

  • Kingly_Caracter

    Absolute classic…WOW.

  • Andrew

    kinda throwin some shots at Kendrick at the beginning ain’t he lol

    • Davide Leroy

      shut your bitch ass mouth up

  • poetic assasin

    @andrew were you even listening to what he said? Smmfh. Ill track Krit, tired of Def Jam sleeping.

  • Davide Leroy

    Krit has one of the best rap southern catalogs in years

  • JoBlow84

    Bro also I been hearing bout Bama $hawty freestyles on youtube this dude gettin ah buzz 2tough

  • Shooga

    Yo put this shit on TOP 5.

  • Donn

    What sucks is KRIT is nice but there’s more to being a star than being able to spit. I think he caters to the cliche “real hip hop” fans who are like, anti mainstream, anti radio and we don’t care about record sales niggas. Let’s be real, all this tension comes from not being super successful, where you rap like this and none of these so called fans go buy your shit. Its the simple fact that you not only have to murk the tracks, you have to construct records that not one group of ppl want to hear. Its all according to your personal preference, if your happy with the little following you have then so be it but if you wanna reach different ppl, you have to be willing to do different things. If you read JAY Z’s Decoded, he says it himself, there’s an art to making radio records, the same as it is to making these type of records.

    Great song, great lyrics, but now show me something different. We’ve all heard hard bars from a lot of artist

    • HeruthaGod (Original N-G-R)

      you obviously don’t listen to KRIT. his latest tape has radio records, two of which are with Future & Trinidad.

  • Andrew

    poetic assassin I’m talkin about the video in the beginning with how he’s falling back like how Kendrick was in the “Swimming Pools” video. chillll

  • Mike B.

    simple yet dope video…..Krit making that push….Hopefully Def Jam finally gets behind him…..He also has to make the right records…..

  • RealDeal¬©Hill