New Video: Diggy x Trevor Jackson “My Girl”

Screen Shot 2014-05-07 at 7.14.04 PM

Whip Appeal.

Diggy sure knows how to get em. In support of his new single, he catches his girl’s attention at the club then takes her away in his Mclaren. Eh, looks like a typical night for yours truly.


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    DIGGY WAS SHININ AT THE MAYWEATHER FIGHT!!! yo listen to the dude who rapped for KANYE WEST on that TMZ video.. HE
    ACTUALLY HARD!! kind of sound like YE tho

  • sajjad akbar

    yo diggy if your watching these blogs a BIG BIG fuck you and you’re life and oh, fuck YOUR FACE and i want to say that i liked your brothers and didn’t know which sister was cuter but i decided that both were better off than you and your fake ploy acting like a old person or whatever and yeah a big big big big big fuck you and RIP jojo, shouts out to your old head and d.m.c. <jojofansincelikeepisodewhateverandwasn'tlikehisnameadementiontoanotherworldorsomething