• Kingly_Caracter

    God damn…This nigga. Legend. This nigga making better music than most even in death.

  • JINX


  • Nana Yaw

    The song was rather recorded during the Invicible recording session and not Dangerous.

  • Reasons why The Weeknd is so popular. He’s the new age Michael.

    • Ty

      Nigga wtf are you talking about

      • Strong Enough


        • Niels

          you damn right he is, just listen to D.D. if you don’t believe it

          • Strong Enough

            MJ had it all. THe look, the voice, the dance. he was a triple threat. the weeknd? nah

          • Weeknd’s very similar in style with a different vibe .he’s got a lot of Michael influence, and is one of the only talented niggas in this generation

          • Strong Enough

            Michael Jackson is an icon and king of pop music, The Weeknd is a nigga that can sing good. Just cause he can hit high notes like MJ DOES NOT make him MJ. the fuk wrong with you niggas?

    • JoBlow84


    • Chronic

      I’ll say this. The weeknd has the voice…but he’s nowhere near Michael when it comes to making good records that are also hits

  • Yeah

    I loved how they made ” love never ” sound like it was completely “finished” and in the stash all them years, right after thriller, but these current sounding drums mixed with the king are gonna hafta grow on me, doesn’t seem like a perfect fit, still stoked as all get out for this album though

    • Theodore Pendergrass

      Heard the album, if you’re a true fan u can tell these were some songs he wasn’t finish with, but it’s good to hear new vocal from him. RIP MJ.

  • JoBlow84

    I gotta get this ASAP#RealGzjamMikeJackson#blue Gangsta

  • b r z a

    so far so great love these new records

  • mike

    This is alright.

  • kushkidbigg

    Dope vocals.

  • I Love Hoodrats

    Amazing! I’m just blown away by this. I can’t wait for the album.

  • Chronic

    Damn this is dope, I haven’t listened to michael in years but he’s what I grew up on.

  • MO

    This shit cray

  • Matt

    yo this song is hot, and I want that T shirt of this pic

  • sajjad akbar

    i might have to buy this music. because i might have like cried out because of MJ. so fuck chiraq again and lets all squash this fake beefin’ at the neverland ranch or no one will ever see they moma again on my moma.

  • kanye west

    not sure about them trap drums

  • J

    GOD DAMN!!! So glad I got to see MJ twice. The best to ever do pop. HOT!!!

  • PTK

    are you kidding me? overproduced. vocals struggling. it’s ok for a lesser artist but mj was a perfectionist.