Jeezy Announces New Album


Been There, Done That.

It’s been three years and a shit load of mixtapes since Jeezy’s last album. But the wait seems to be coming to a close with the announcement of his fifth solo album, Seen It All.  No word on if it’ll be released via Def Jam, but Da Snowman provided some insight behind the title.

“I gave you Thug Motivation 101, I gave you The Inspiration, The Recession, I gave you 103, and I feel like through all that, I been through a lot and I feel like I seen it all. That’s why I named my new album Seen It All. To be ten year in the game and still be a solid A1, no dirt on your jersey and still doing what you do, you gotta have a lot of wisdom and anybody like Birdman, Jay Z, or Puff Daddy can attest to that. It takes a lot to be strong in this game and still be here and do you’re thing. That’s why I feel like I’m a young OG, I  Seen It All.

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  • Sweet! Dat “Me OK” track been on repeat all day! $#!+ bangs in the Chevy!

  • splifffnnntititichicity

    Jeezy took an L doing that song with Rick Ross.. Not on the verse I haven’t even heard that corporate forced trash. Took and L in the respect department.

    • Get Moneynigga

      I agree to’ll certain extent…Ross aka William Roberts was hating on Jeezy that whole time after they clashed over that B.M.F. record…a lot of slick shit was said out of Ross mouth…that BET shit didn’t do it any better…but they our grown men so it’s cool…but “War Ready” was str8 trash thanx to Tracy T clown ass

    • Although Jeezy BODIED that shit CRAZY.

  • Ehhh with the album title. Could be better. Just make sure Roley watch, 2 pots & 3 scales is the cover & we A1. SNOW! #TIMELESS

  • Abe6772

    does anyone even care?

    • NJ

      Yes….Very Much so!

  • Kemosabe

    T.i. And jeezy Will ne touring together this summer i see it comin

  • B


  • NJ

    Shit load of Mixtapes??? You mean 2 B.Dot?