New Video: Eminem x Nate Ruess “Headlights”

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Momma’s POV.

In honor of Mother’s Day, Eminem delivers his new video directed by Spike Lee. Featuring Fun’s Nate Ruess, Em reflects on his relationship with his estranged mom, Debbie Mathers. Go hug yours and make sure she has that MMLP 2.

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  • esdee

    wanted to see her face. maybe thats the point

  • Hahahaha

    Rick ross is the cop! LMAO!!!!

  • smale45

    This got me emotional. Great video. Btw. The security guard looks mad similar to Rick Ross 😀 Well, even now. Rick Ross is a security guard compared to Em 😛

  • Dee


    • Steady

      Now if u can point out the facts y he’s so overrated then maybe we can have a debate since I’m huge fan of all the artists u mentioned as well bt still think Em is ahead of them as far as art…

      • Marlow †

        he thinks he’s overrated because if he was black he would be hopspin

        • b r z a

          Hospin is a product of Em big guy. Who do you think influenced him?

          • Marlow †

            yea but no one likes hopspin, my point is em has white privilege, em is one of my fav rappers but ima be real i probably wouldn’t listen if he was black talking bout the things he talks about

  • Bongo

    LMAO That Dodge plug was terrible.

  • ThatGuy

    Officer Rickyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!


    I agree that dodge plu was awful lol..about this whole em being overrated ..i understand that point because i can see that his music hasnt done shit for me in a long time ..i think he jus had the nostalgic favtor that keeps people wants an old em an there still a glimpse of light at the end of that tunnel but idk if well ever get to see that but i do understand that em doesnt make music for people in there late 20s or 30s …its jus different

  • Johnson

    couldnt go through. song too horrible. man yelling for 4 minutes. cant do

  • Donn

    Damn, Eminem videos and songs used to get like 200 comments. What happen?

    • smale45

      lmao. nobody gives a fuck what your song gets on this website 🙂 this website is relevant to chump change rappers like rick ross. Em is about to drop another 100mil views on youtube 😀 dude’s album is 3 times platinum. gtfo with your hatred, idiot.

      • Donn

        What’s funny is I made an observation and u assumed I was hating. This song and video is dope, and the album is lyrical gold. U internet dudes are mad disrespectful smh

        • Marlow †

          bro he’s a clown don’t trip he’s a struggle rapper living vicariously thru em

      • Marlow †

        y’all niggas love to dick ride for no paycheck on this site i see

    • Dope

      What do all the comments matter when Eminem sells out Wembley stadium, or any other stadium he wants basically, in a few hours – when he drops an album and is guaranteed another platinum plaque – when he only does a few stadium concerts a year and earns more than most rappers ”tours” where they rap in some basement clubs.

      Just saying, there are only a few rappers out there who can actually do stadium concerts and not worry about attendance. Those thousands of people buying tickets are all he comments they need.

      • Donn

        Great point. I’m just like dang, he used to set the internet on fire. But I guess the same can be said about Drake, Nicki and Wayne too right?

        • Dope

          Wayne, Drake, Jay Z, Kanye, 50 Cent and Eminem come to mind when it comes to people who can easily sell out really big venues. Though Eminem has the most universal appeal of all of them as he can do so from USA, Europe, all the way to Japan and Australia.

          Some of the others I mentioned wouldn’t do so well in certain markets. For example 50 would do better outside of USA than he would in USA right now, and the opposite can be said for Drake.

  • The wise

    At the guy below me … I hear u i cant believe nobodys talkin about it i see this on numerous sites

  • b r z a

    and I agree Em is talented but that yelling has to go its too much

  • When your girl gives you head with out asking she’s the real MVP

  • Mina

    Heres my happy mothers day tribute check it out share&follow

  • GMF357

    The reason this video is posted is because its Eminem. Cus this song is garbage. flow is off, hes yelling, and all his “redemption” songs sound the same. Hip-hop gives way too many passes for celebs/aritsts….and ppl say he’s top 5 DOA???

    • young extra


      • AC229

        Actually he’s top 4, and that includes Biggie and Pac, whore!

  • jonny

    Eminem has sold out Wembley Stadium in 45 mins (90000 tickets)

  • Mina
  • rip

    I’ve been a fan since his first album dropped and this is by far his best work yet. (MMLPII) The lyrics in this song are heartfelt and the video is very well done. Mad props. To all the haters who’ve commented negatively complaining about the yelling, you obviously have no idea what you’re talking about.

  • Ghandi Capone

    The GOAT

  • tipp_-0183 aka Dwight Stewart

    another trailer park rhyme. J/k Em is dope.

  • New Age Vinyl