• james

    hes a kendrick lamar with no substance

    • ghost

      Naaaaaa fam. He definitely has substance, listen to Cilvia Demo.. This hit is just a freestyle.. Lighten up.

      • LuckyP

        wtf LIGHTEN UP?!? its niggas/fans/listeners like you who say lighten up to shit thats fucking up the culture. stop giving niggas passes when them shits aint necessary. I’ve heard of him, never listened though honestly, and this shit here def doesn’t make me want to check for anything of his

  • Kombe Shibemba

    bla bla blaaa

  • bleh

    I hate when new rappers spit like they already made it…this is your introduction to the world and this is what you do? Not even one quotable? Not even one line thats going to make a nigga rewind to make sure he heard you right ? Damn son.

    • NYC Shawty

      introduction to the world? Nah nigga he was in the BET cypher with TDE and already released a retail project Cliva Demo.

    • LuckyP


    • el jim chapo guzman

      You ain’t never lie my nigga. This nigga ain’t say shit for me to rew

  • el jim chapo guzman

    This nigga ass to me. His whole style is ass. This ain’t das effects days nigga. Cut that bull shit top off.