New Music: Mariah Carey x Rich Homie Quan “Thirsty”


Oh You Thirsty? Well with Me.I Am Mariah…The Elusive Chanteuse arriving on May 27, MiMi leaves the thirsty fellas dry on her new single with Rich Homie Quan. Produced by Hit-Boy, the track premiered on Power 105 by DJ Envy.


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  • Kev

    Niggas in Paris??? Hit-Boy recycling beats?

  • Calvin

    Hit-Boy has fucked Mariah up. I could have made the same track using Paris and Pour It Up…

  • Kombe Shibemba

    Why does this sound like Brandy though?

    • intelligentsoul

      thought the same thing

  • aye

    how rich homie quan get wit mariah is the real question

  • splifffffthisdick

    This is what happens. Mariah is like quick! I need a hot rapper that is new age that can help connect me with the kids these days since they buy the millions of singles and my fans don’t buy albums anymore since no one can pull out a full disc of 12-15 songs that is worth purchasing!

    QUICK! Her team is then like. Uhh.. Rich Homie QUAN! Book it. We don’t understand he is a one hit wonder but lets put Mariahs(a queens divas) first single out with him to flop!

    Nice moves Music Industry.. Nice move!

  • True~Sinister

    WTF Rich Homie Quan SMH Come on Mariah


    MENNNN !!! mariah fell of hard !!! connect with rich homie quan

  • bleh

    This song has much things going every vocal effect they could find

  • Michael Ibbett

    As much as I know its photoshopped to hell…I dont let myself believe it, her body is still perfect lol

  • Mariah deserves better, unfortunately she cannot do better. Oh how the great have fallen.

  • Russ

    This song will connect Mariah to the younger generation to whom sometimes has no clue about music or who an artist is. I like the joint!!!