New Music: Moonie (L.E.P. Bogus Boys) “Walk Away”


Walk This Way.

Without the assistance of G Count, Moonie steps out on his own over Nascent’s¬†¬†heavenly brass. According to FSD, Moonie’s set to release a solo project sometime this year. Sounds like he’s off to a good start.

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  • Ocho

    Crazy how these nigga been out for years… and we are just learning their individual names lmao …

    • BlackAnastasia

      Maybe im missing something, but why would niggas name themselves Bogus anything?

    • Terrence Tapley

      How could you not know their names maybe a q-tip is needed when your listening to their songs….just saying!

      • Ocho

        I guess u and the one guy that liked ur comment knew .. I like LEP, but I never knew lol


    Shit is fuckin wack