Angie Martinez Interviews Troy Ave

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Deaf, Dumb, Or Blind.

Troy Ave made it to Hudson St yesterday for his first sit down with Angie Martinez. He talked about appearing on the XXL cover, Brooklyn origins and performing at this year’s Summer Jam concert. Needless to say—he’s excited.

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  • realhiphoptv

    NYC is searching hard for the next one but this guy sound like 50 cent Jr from a decade ago. Nothing he has done so far is on the level of a j Cole Kendrick wale, etc.

    • Davide Leroy

      agreeded, he’s a minie me of 50 even 50 said it

  • tha OG

    Troy ave is the best new rapper out of NY

    • HeruthaGod (Original N-G-R)


  • Donn

    It’s hard for ppl to conceive and ok artist with a GREAT artist. There’s a difference between a rapper and an artist

    • el jim chapo guzman

      What the difference?

      • bcro31

        A rapper is someone like 2 chainz. And a artist is someone like Kayne, 50, Nas, Em. Making songs that are timeless.

        • el jim chapo guzman

          why i don’t see jay z in your comments.

          • bcro31

            Dam, my bad. Jay is definetly up there. Been there since 96.

  • MannyThoughts

    I wish people would stop saying he sounds like 50. We all have iPods, c.d.s., YouTube, etc and pull up old 50 tracks and see there is no comparison. If y’all want to say he’s “trying to sound like 50”, that’s another thing and would be more accurate.

  • Ghandi Capone

    Great young talent… New York is coming back…. Tray Ave and Vado

  • Ken ken

    This nigga ASS STOP IT !!!

  • The Incredible Creation

    Hope his summer jam performance is memorable… BUT 50 is on that same stage… that same night… shall be interesting to see Curtis Jackson Jr. standout… but i’m hoping 50 steals the show with some WOW moments & some summer jam screen usage.. *shrugs*