Wiz Khalifa Announces ’28 Grams’ Tape

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Coming Soon.

While we wait for his Blacc Hollywood album to arrive, Wiz Khalifa’s got the prequel to come. Following his set at the Hangout Fest, he reveals to MTV that his 28 Grams is coming first.

“It’s gonna drop fast. You should go home. It’s more than a teaser, it’s gonna get the Khalifa train rolling.”

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  • The wise

    This dude fell off hard! Honestly he needs to go back to the substance of the first album!!

  • based guy

    he has never had substance. all he raps about is money

  • smoss44

    this “he fell off” term is thrown around way to carelessly now a days. He fell off cause you don’t like him anymore? Maybe you outgrew his shit, but wiz is gonna have that lane for a while people. Don’t waste time hating.

    • kushkidbigg

      Fuck a while, this generation. Just like snoop had the last generation smoking good.

    • sunn

      yea he fell off, doesn’t mean he’s not still making cake. but the buzz and the thrill is gone for that homie. married life

  • Louiev

    I honestly thought he stopped making music. Seems like it…

  • The Incredible Creation
  • RealDeal©Hill

    28 grams in a ZIPLOCC.!!!!

  • Abe6772


  • freeboi757

    Never fell offends switched the style up dats how u make money can’t remain the same gotta switch it up sometimes look at Kanye he did the same thang and look at him