Drake Previews Song In Houston



The other night in H-Town, Drizzy stepped behind the tables at 5th Amendment Bar and previewed 20 seconds of an untitled song. Knowing Drizzy, he’ll probably release the CDQ sometime in the wee hours of the morning.

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  • cass

    lol this sounds so hard tbf

  • E

    Drake about to own the summer with this

  • pr00

    need some drizzy tunes for the summer
    believe me and 2on/thoughtful have been dope AF so far
    kill em’

  • Jinx

    Drake out here demanding that attetion while cole & kdot quietly cook.

  • notjayz

    thank god for this guy i haven’t heard a good song from someone other than him or wayne in 2 months

    • K.W.


    • Hussle

      I agree with Drake..but Wayne? Stop it…

      • SSJ4 Vegito

        D’Usse or Believe was both smacking u tripping son.

    • There’s so many good song’s out there…. wtf are you listening to nigga?

  • intelligentsoul

    Say what you want but niggas cant deny thats its Drizzy season…he been on fire since Take Care. forreal

  • Los

    I don’t matter what attention drizzy try’s to obtain everything he dropping is fire he just making it obvious this shit is easy to him he got the juice right now give credit where it’s due I hope cole and kendrick bring some fire cause kendrick puff out his chest crated hype now it’s time to show and prove drizzy is proving right now that he that nigga thru all the hate bashing and diss records coming his way it seems like it don’t faze him just pumps him up more

    • spliifffhhhouse

      I understand you re a fan of drake. It is still radio records. It is still using the formula that Pharrell uses and Dr. Luke uses for Kesha.. same group of writers for raps. they just get to go a little bit farther than what they say with kesha/pitbull.

      It is so fabricated. I want to see a drake and 40 album with no touch ups from the label. i want to see if he still got the songs like the one feat wayne and birdman nd shit up town or whatever. the dude still raps about being a rookie every other song nd then confuses listeners by saying he is a vet in the game.. I think the most current example of this is the song trophies he talks about himself as the new cat in the game and then somewhere else in the song how he been here for years and its easy to him.

      so corny so please don’t anoint people like this. Formulaic Generic music with lyrics that are not personal in the slightest. When they do get personal his life has been so fucking boring driving around in his uncles car going to his boys houses it puts people to sleep.

      drake is a top 30 rapper with all of the actual talent that is around and that doesn’t try for top 40. of the top 40 rappers(him macklemore and nicki minaj and eminem) he is number 1. if you think that new eminem style he uses on mmlp2 was any good you can fuck right off.

  • Riz

    Most suck being a Kendrick fan he puts out nothing new for them his fans still hav to watch this nigga sing Bitch Don’t Kill My Vibe every week

    • Non Fiction Dixon

      Kendrick is under Dre = Quality vs. Quanity Kendrick will shut down anything this sensitive homo does! Plus Hov about hit Drake with that Death Blow!

  • Shiz

    He just kidnaped the summer with 20sec CTFU

  • The Incredible Creation

    should be dope… it shows that Kendrick & Cole are more-so the Nas’ of this generation while Drake definitely channels Hov’ in terms of content & status.. http://www.theincrediblecreation.com/

  • Alexander The Great

    20 seconds and I’m sold, this has to be one of the hottest song I’ve heard lately. Can we start a petition to influence a release ?

  • K.W.

    13 seconds on repeat nigga.

  • radio raheem

    this whole year will be the pre set up for his 2015 album… prepare for the kill

  • Rena

    Fire! Just in time for summer.

  • Uncle Tom

    Even if this song was garbage it would still be a hit because it’s Drake

  • Shiz

    “Oh lord ” feel a jay z shot coming on a summer anthem jay better stop playing lol

  • ATL

    Lets just be honest, Kendrick and Cole can’t keep up with Drake when it comes to keeping hot shit out on consistently basis and thats just what it is… Drake is the Michael Jordan of this new golden era of hip hop and Kendrick and Cole is Charles Barkley and Patrick Ewing

  • p0is0nedkoola on Twitter

    So much new music out and all we read about is a 20 second clip of a song we can barely hear & a hologram of MJ dancing to a song he didn’t release.


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