Nicki Minaj Talks “Yasss Bish!!”


Soulja Girl.

While on the set of  her new commercial, Nicki Minaj talked to The Insider about her latest offering, “Yass Bish!!” Instead of referencing Soulja Boy‘s vine, she says the track was inspired by folks in the, um, “rainbow” coalition. Hey, he made it. The interview goes on to say that she’s still releasing her official single in a few weeks.


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  • BX

    Soulja Boy didn’t invent “Yasss Bish”
    and the vine didn’t inspire the song…the song was the vine and no one knew at the time

  • James Dean

    Worst rapper of all time including papoose.

  • songs wack who cares

  • Samsohn

    she got a makeover, because her career needs a makeover – American Idol totally killed her career.

  • REALLY23

    Why Soulja boy go all Michael Sam on the hook tho…

  • Myrie

    How ugly is she, Really!
    And didn’t Kendrick start ya Bish…
    So happy her albums don’t do numbers, hopefully she will be gone in a year or 2.

    • ggogins

      Wow. You sound like a massive hater. You need a hug….seriously

  • Balla

    I wanna eat Nicki’s butthole