New Music: Wale “Razor Freestyle (Bad Guy)”


Razor’s Edge.

Aye Chico. Wale staples some rhymes over the theme song to 90s WWF superstar, Razor Ramon. Although Wale sounds like he recorded this in a closet, this instrumental has always been one of the best in sports entertainment.


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  • [Blunt]

    remix with officer ricky and bin laden ASAP

    • LuckyP

      shutcho dumb ass up . fucking ross trolls. this shit aint got nothing to do with ross and you somehow find a way to put his dick in your mouth smh

  • Eddy Eyad

    Actually irritated because I really liked Gifted but I haven’t heard anything good from Wale since he spat over the Jake One beat with J. Cole, Winter Schemes I think it was called.
    As of late he’s spitting over trashy, tinny beats with too much filler and off-time flows
    Good rapper doing bad things.

  • DaJuan

    Pretty decent track once you get through that 1st verse w/ all those punchlines.

  • DaJuan

    Actually this shit is HARD!

  • el jim chapo guzman

    That beat has the wwe razor ramon theme song simple in it. The beat ass anyway. I no for a fact Vince”¬†McMahon¬†ain’t clearing no simples for this shit.

    • badguy

      ”SAMPLE” It’s called ..Sample.

      • el jim chapo guzman

        i no what the fuck it called you stupid motherfucker.but anyway thanks.

  • The Incredible Creation

    People hyped this up waaayyyy tooo muccchhh smh

  • K.W.


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