New Video: Trinidad James “Def Jam”

Screen Shot 2014-05-19 at 5.25.59 PM

Trinidad Zombie.

TJ looks like he’s messing with that stuff. But if you think’s he’s gon’ crazy, he’s just keeping it real. The Brooklyn way.

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  • James

    Not bad



  • tha OG

    This shit go hard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Hernan Cortes

    look likes he posing off the Flatbush Zombies

    • GreenBergs

      you niggas must be payed by these dudes cuz in no way shape or form does this remind me of flatbush zombies, maybe hopsin..

      • LeVar Johnson

        Why do niggas give Hopsin so much credit for the contacts like Method Man wasn’t rocking them shits in the 90’s? Or like Michael Jackson wasn’t rocking the cat eyes in Thriller or the mirrored ones in Ghosts. You young niggas kill me.

        • GreenBergs

          You old niggas kill me, why the fuck are the flatbush zombies getting any credit for this song/video , i see no similarities at all…

          • LeVar Johnson

            I ain’t giving Flatbush Zombies credit for anything. I honestly ain’t ever heard anything they’ve done. I just judge this as he wanted to look scary not that he was tryna bite anyone. My response is more for everyone giving credit for some shit that’s been done before.

  • cali

    Biting hard off of meech from Flatbush zombies

    • GreenBergs

      how at all?? other than looking creepy, if anything he biting hopsin you clowns

  • guest

    i guarentee somebody gon hate just bcuz this is a trinidad but this fire!! I’m impressed

  • CabriniGreeny

    In BK with a gold watch…

  • Real unique hip hop

    Go ahead and bite another style you fake, phony. Flatbush Zombies will forever be better then you.

  • Real unique hip hop

    Statik Selektah, educate these fools.

    • nick g

      people eat this shit up idk why…

  • Jinx

    Not bad.

  • static

    eeeehhhh shit is hard as fuck… fuck a hater dope..

  • Theodore Pendergrass

    Not bad.

  • 3:16



  • REALLY23

    this shit dope

  • GMF357

    Homie is a goofy…But this aint bad.

  • nick g

    A real rapper should do this beat some justice.

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  • Rob Get-It

    Nigga got his tooth fixed?

  • BCE

    His was.. a lot better than I dunno why I even clicked the link but it wasn’t terrible. Beats dope

  • GreenBergs

    expect a wack ass maino response in t minus 24 hours…

  • Dope

    Are those Red October sneakers on him.. and why is he showing them off so hard. Can’t be a marketing deal since they are already sold out and no one would pay him to promote them.

  • Carlos Danger

    this shit right here is nice can’t front the off beat flow the beat its cold…bigteespot.spreadshirt .com/