• Disgruntled Troy Ave Fan

    This guy recycles his bars SOOOOOOO MUCH.

    • Public Hairs

      The only justification for this is the fact that he’s still becoming known. So having the XXL mag platform to reach a bigger audience probably makes him want to recite one of his better already memorized bars.

      I personally have yet to hear his work. Thought this was solid.

      • NYCityKid


  • This was the waviest #XXLFreshman14 video freestyle so far. LMAO
    My son Troy nice, B. #POWDERrrr #TIMELESS

    • no honor

      If u spit a written cool nobody really freestyle but spit a verse off your album from last year -_- trash,,, six months maybe a year and u couldn’t come up w a new dope verse Niggaz is lazy smh

      • Wasn’t talking about the bars per say, more of the presentation & entertainment aspect of it. Plus… why not promote his latest album with bars from it? I would.

        “Where those bars from?” New York City, go buy it on iTunes.

    • NYCityKid

      Fuck it atleast he picked something with a few bars cause that shit came off hard for my first time hearing it. To me this niggas dumb wack and this the only 16 I’ve EVER liked from him. This shit the only shit givin Homie Quan some comp.

      • Understandable. Go listen to Bricks In My Backpack 3 & tune into Shame, Chiddy Chiddy Bang Bang, Lord As I Witness etc.

        Everything he put out ain’t wavy though. Agreed.

    • Chronic

      Nah, chance killed his verse

  • YM

    Myeh okay, fifty did the bullet proof vest stuff already…

    • Public Hairs

      True but he has openly claimed 50 Cent as a big influence on him as a rapper.

      • YM

        yep i know, and its cool at first but at some point you gotta do you and stop trying to be like 50. Especially when all you do is calling rappers weirdos. At least they are not trying to look or sound like somebody else. Fifty said aight i see the kid, now we can all agree on the fact that kid gotta let it go and show something else than a kid trying to be his idol.

        • marty mcfly

          50 was coming from a beef perspective more so then a hustlers. 50 was about shooting and killing people, at least that was what his music represented and thats how he was marketing. Troy Ave is more about hustling and getting to the paper imo so there is a little difference between the two. 50 said names alot and used alot of punchlines, Troy dont really say too many names and is more just riding the beat flow wise then trying to put together shock value music.

  • Batman

    Not gona lie i cant get into any of the recent XXL freshmen. The classes have been so weak recently. I know we need to give them time, but still, these have been weak ass classes.

  • This is sad. Rich Homie Quan had the best one so far. I kind of liked Vic’s as well.

    • Vurbz Fenomeno

      real talk…i was surprised but for real tho…Rich homie Quan is the REAL MVP of this freshman freestyle shit

      • I agree and well before his freestyle I wasn’t a big fan haha. It has been a snoozefest so far.

  • Ray

    My nigga Blu just dropped a phenomenal album today (Good To Be Home) and y’all rap radar niggas is stuck on Troy Ave????

    • NYCityKid

      That nigga corny too bro, let it go.

  • Donn

    LOL IS THAT A BULLETPROOF VEST and money in his hand lol!!!! Smh. Kids watch too many rap videos

  • Hussle

    LMAO this nigga wanna be 50 so bad. Just stop. and those bars were weak. XXL takes a L this year. The freshmen suck in 2014

  • @k_dukes

    that was corny

  • Carlos Danger

    this was nice can’t front..i would kill em but me making a killing is killing them slow..dude nice..bigteespot.spreadshirt. com/

  • The Incredible Creation

    really? with the bulletproof vest tho? Curtis Jackson Jr. strikes again http://toomanyfuckinrappers.tumblr.com/