Iggy Azalea “Fancy” Goes Platinum

Iggy Azalea In Concert

Girl Power.

Despite the low figures of Iggy’s debut The New Classic her single “Fancy” has scanned over 500,000 copies. Currently, the song is number four on the charts while her Ariana Grande collabo sits at number three. Strange things are happening.

UPDATE: 1,046,000 receipts and counting.

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    iggy not the reason them songs is charting so high…… NEXT

  • tha OG

    That ass tho!!!

  • Davide Leroy

    first successful white girl rapper since Drake.

    • DenCO

      You just won the internet.

  • damin

    this song sucks though, what’s wrong with people.

    • TeF

      Oh you know what’s wrong with people, she’s a white female face to put on rap, she’s getting that white media assist, they couldn’t wait until a marketable female white woman came along, and here she is. She ain’t going nowhere no time soon, watch.

      • kino_black

        plus all the support from little 10 year old girls

        • TeF

          That helps too. lol. She’s the solution for white people who like catch rap music, but don’t want to have to look at, or listen to those pesky negroes that are attached to the culture.

          • Mt

            Like that pesky negro T.I.?

      • Mt

        That’s bullshit.You can’t act like she didn’t put the work in. No one was checking for her 6 months ago.

  • kanye west

    and she’s still trash.

  • Abe6772

    This is basically whats happening to music as a whole

  • Dan Karlin

    I can’t stand her. And not because she’s a female rapper, or a white female rapper. It’s because she’s awful.

    • intelligentsoul

      her voice is so terrible and forced…omg

  • Kareem

    this nigga b.dot loves celebrating caucasian hip hop commercial success like we don’t live in the fucking America where the idea of a white person rapping the same shit as a nigga does is far more palpable to the paying consumer. it’s like your celebrating the fact that niggas are consistently and racially undervalued, in regards to the arts. fuck you.

    • Kareem


    • TeF

      Thank you!

  • Theodore Pendergrass

    Been saying this all day “Is anybody suprise by this “?

  • TeF

    Is ANYONE here checkin’ for this bitch besides sayin’ she has a fat ass? Honestly. What’s crazy is that the system got her too. She came in talking about Pac was her influence, and she wants to be the female Pac, but I guarantee you she’s rethinking that shit now that she has commercial success and mainstream appeal, Good Morning America is not about to put you on if you’re acting black, this bitch is a bout to become Gwen Stefani spitting 16s. Probably the fastest sellout in white skin I have ever seen.

  • onenutned

    how the hell did this happen?

  • intelligentsoul

    She better give DJ mustard his credit for this single doing so well. We all know thats his sound

  • Selorm Amuzu

    I dunno why some of you are getting mad about something really obvious. Iggy Azalea cater to a mainly white suburban crowd who believe it or not are the biggest consumers of mainstream hiphop (they actually buy this shit).Keep it real , a good majority of people here would rather fuck her than her rap anyways so you weren’t involved in her success anyways, meanwhile we are out here screaming for “real rap” but aint willing to support it with your wallet

  • Miss.S

    this bitch SUCKS and this song is sack as fuck.. she’s 1 better than Kreyshawn

    • THE guest

      i mean gucci gucci goes harder than anything ive heard from iggy

  • blackholesurfer

    thats funny something ross will never taste and thats a platinum album. LOL

  • M.A.T.

    smh People are fucking dumb. I’m convinced.