• Carlos Danger

    the power of the internet and perfect timing can get you famous off a viral..this was amazing..bigteespot.spreadshirt .com/

  • TeF

    LOL, these other struggle ass artists on the internet are trying hard to pull 500 views on you tube, and this guy hit 7 mil by pure chance of a few people walking by at the right time and one of them recording. Now he is sitting on of the biggest televised stages in America, with an insanely connected show host, and 3 heavy award winning artists in the majors. If he can’t pull some sort of a deal out of this situation, then I just don’t know.

  • HeyBuddy

    This made my day! This is some around the world when all the greatest artists get in the studio type of song. This is AWSOME. No other way to put. God works wonders through people.

    At a time when racism strikes on the most public level, God brings us back together. And this is a perfect example. Just AWSOME.