• yipperyella

    oh my god… I heard the Intro and was instantly satisfied. Dropping this shit literally outta no where. Happy Hump Day.. Crooked and Royce went off per usual

    • Michael Ibbett

      Same here….good intro beat

  • Chrisalejo


  • “OMG”


  • Michael Ibbett

    Not feeling all these slow budden slv songs (trade it all) I used to love that upbeat Shit he did for Bitches 10 years ago

  • tdac

    kills our house, cant wait for the next lp

  • Toni

    Dopest thing about this is they all have a solo each…. Crooked I on Struggle, daaaamn…

    Dope tape!!

  • O.G

    House Gang!!!!

  • nush

    album material.

  • Donn

    Lol ppl talk so much shit bout mainstream rappers but this shit has 9 comments. Like c’mon. Support the real hiphop u speak so highly of

  • The Rock says

    Oh, Budden still rap, thought he quit to be a Twitter and tv star, clown ass nigga

    • TeF

      That nigga can rap circles around most people in your top 10, don’t let his twitter antics fool you. I thought niggaz were done sleeping on this cat. lol

      • Dan Karlin

        Anyone who doubts Budden should really listen to his verse on “Truth or Truth Pt. 1”. Fucking unreal.

  • Damnitlewis

    That “I Aint Bullshittin” is FIIIRE!! HouseGang!

  • Viva La Raza

    incredible song writing, that heart felt raw reality…

    I am thankful to be able to hear this..I will buy your 2nd album also..

    wouldnt hurt to make some videos for this brialliant songwriting.

  • The Ox

    You can’t win with some people. Chief Keef,.. No; This is garabage too? Do you listen to music or do you just skim through it. 5 years ago this would go double platinum, and all of them would be signed to interscope. Cheif Keef and Young thug would not even be rapping at all..smh

    • Nate

      more like 10 years ago but I agree.

  • Dappa


  • the sad fact is that niggas will probably give a new cheif keef song more attention

    • Van Sertima

      why are you even thinking about that clown?
      this shit is so dope.

  • ATrain2509

    Crooked I is low key the nicest in the group

  • Guillaume Pilon

    Nice tape

    People disliking that are not hip hop fans

  • Jburg

    Though it wouldn’t have sold (No one buys REAL hip hop) this is album material. These dudes are lyrical heavyweights and this tape is proof. Some really nice and deep lyrics on these tracks. 2 thumbs up for REAL hip hop!

  • GMF357

    Ppl can say what they want but House just took the right angle with this mixtape. they’ve adopted a “Mood Muzik” theme to get ppl to vibe and listen more. This is better than theirs and Joes album.

  • GMF357

    Say what you want but House got it right with this one. They’ve adopted the “Mood Muzik” vibe and made ppl listen more. This mixtape is better than theirs and joey last album.

  • Myrie


  • TH

    NICE!!! This joint cranks! OFFSHORE

  • Vurbz Fenomeno

    dope, but idk if they actually listen to the beat when they rap over it…lyrics are crack tho

  • EchoxHotel

    If their last album was like this i wouldve enjoyed it more, im glad they are back to doing them vs trying to adjust their sound to be radio friendly, they did that and it sucked. At least with this they keep the core fans happy.

  • p0is0nedkoola on Twitter

    Still too many bars that don’t always seem to follow what the song’s about or following the beat.

    I just don’t see them ever breaking through, but they are all talented. Just boring as a group.

  • God Body

    I have been wanting these dudes to win way before they signed to Em. I kinda followed them thru their struggles to come back up. I’m not gonna front they would disappoint from time to time. I would try to make myself like some of their stuff post first album material. For example they would make mistakes like putting out that bullsh-t single “Throw it away” , when a song like “Get up” could had been a way better single. Or they would simply pick a wack beat like “Everybody down”. It was seeming like they were throwing away their opportunity, no pun intended. I think a lot a fans where getting frustrated.I no what they were trying to do with Welcome to our House” but the repetitive radio programming was not there. This mix tape proves if they stay in their lane and have cohesive music, and nice beats it make’s for a great listen. The last album had some nice song’s here and there then songs like “Throw it Away” and “Coffin” would throw a giant monkey wrench in the album.

    This mix tape is very good. I actually enjoyed it. This is their style. They don’t need to conform. They need beats like this, or a “Blue print style album”. Hopefully Just Blaze will guide them in the right direction. I think they get it now.

  • yoo

    royce was the best lyrically on the first but now is a little inconsistent

    now i think joell best in the group

    first album probly went royce ,crooked, joell , joey

    now i thinkk its joell crooked joey royce

  • glen sellers

    although they’re my favorite rap group this mix tape was not there best work the last mix tape was better than the album maybe it will be the opposite this time around and the album will be hotter than the mix tape