• The Weirdo

    whoa!!!! Mo fiyah!!!!

  • nush

    damn.gotta look out for this dude

  • Basic


  • Chronic

    He killed it…but for some reason I dont get the same feel from Connor a lot of the time that I do from kendrick or ab soul

    • Stop

      Hmmmm…interesting… U ever think mayyyybe its because they’re 3 different artists? Or mayyyybe because Jon Connors not from the west coast? Idk. That might be it..mayyybe.

      • Chronic

        I’m saying that feeling you get when you listen to an artist and there’s just something about them that makes them different

        • Chronic

          Like listening to em, jay, biggie. I get that feeling from kendrick, soul, joey badass, I don’t from connor

          • summertimer

            i know wat u mean. its like nuttin seperates jon from da pack. sounds like everyone else. but jon gots BARS. but idk if jon can make a good SONG

          • Chronic

            Exactly, thank you, someone with some common sense

          • ME Motha Fucka

            you are fed in the head and have no clue what good artist is

  • blackholesurfer

    the best of all the freshman squad hands down

  • Kay-R

    BARZZZZZZZZZZ! Best out the whole fuck-up crew.

  • connor

    woow finally something good

  • Ok… BARS.