• doobieously

    Wiz Khalifa top 1 of all time

  • been gang

    Classic tape.

  • fcukoi

    this dude done like his skinny ass jeans

  • alois24KB

    Curren$y shouldn’t help Wiz on this… DJ Drama speaking is better than Wiz rapping. And Wiz working on an album ?

  • Eddy Eyad

    28 tracks of absolute TRASH! Ricky P has nice beats though

  • GreenBergs

    im surprised this dude still has fans in america, like not europe in shit cuz they eat up anything from america and think wtvr is in the blogs is hot and what not…but theres more to life than weed, u can rap about other things my nigga..it wont kill you

    • Sm3

      This is about the dumbest shit I’ve even heard.
      1.Wiz will/never need help getting DL’s for a free mixtape. Staged arrest? OK buddie.
      2.the mixtape is called 28 grams. Most of Its about weed. Get over it. That’s his lane.
      3.saying he doesn’t have a fan base in the U.S bcuz u don’t like him is stupid
      4.I’m pretty sure no matter what u say that u didn’t listen to this all the way Thur

      • smoss44

        tell me how my ass taste… wiz



  • Reef23

    Good tape but he has heavy influences from Travis Scott and even Young Thug….

    • Reef23

      even future …bit annoying

  • Harold

    Wiz really sucks now he’s definitely gonna end up like Lil Wayne.

    • Young Cuban

      Except Lil Wayne is certified, Khalifa can only hope to get on his level.

  • Annoyed

    front cover sucks

    text on the tracklist sucks

    Wiz Khalifa looks sucked

  • Woooooooo aw shit! I fux with it

  • Your Father

    Wiz lost the plot. He had a unique quality about him before and a sound too, with Cardo and ID Labs but now he’s jumping on the trap bandwagon, using the Migos flow and the same producers as most Southern artists. 808 Mafia, Sonny Digital, Metro Boomin’.

    • Damn Son

      Absolute facts smh

  • Balla

    Why yall got an Omarion mixtape on here though

  • sajjad akbar

    i don’t think wiz cares about his mixtapes anymore, most of them are free written or freestyles for the upcoming artist to jock (anyway, fuck 808 mafia, metro boomin and everyone who reps or lives in Atlanta Georgia; hold this L)

    • CZO

      No fuck you , you pussy ass fuckboy, We as in ATLANTA own the rap game right now and shit we’ve left our mark permanently, Pay homage instead of hating !

    • Sour D & Sammy G

      Listen to the guy who replied to this 1st….-_-)

  • Og robby swanson

    Fire . If u dont get pussy u wont like it . This shit bump

    • Sour D & Sammy G

      They wont get it…..this track is too fire!!!

  • LP1087

    I’m actually about to do this,……1 or 2 joints, MAX if it’s trash. After that I’m looking for a barb-q somewhere……lazy ass fAMILLLAYYYYY !!!!!!

  • MarkOfTheBuddah

    AOTY and its only a mixtape

  • 28 Grams of shit

    Holy Fuck, i mean i gave wiz the benefit of the doubt but this whole mixtape was absolute fucking trash not even some stellar produced tracks can save this one, shits fucked up like this nigga didnt even fucking try soudns so fucking wack FUCK

  • Ashton Au

    The tape has joints man. Appreciate it for what it is. POTC, POTCII, K&OJ, BAR and all that are still downloadable if you don’t fuck with this.

  • aad

    wiz is beast!