50 Cent Throws First Pitch At Citi Field

50 cent mets 1

Don’t Quit Your Day Job.

50 was back in Queens this evening to throw out the first pitch at Citi Field. Unfortunately, he completely missed his mark. Let’s hope Animal Ambition doesn’t follow the same┬átrajectory. Album in stores June 3rd.

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  • Chronic

    How does a grown ass man not know how to toss a baseball

    • OKKK

      omg… i was like “what is this nigga chronic talking about….” then i watched the video…
      daaaaaaaaaamn, homie…

      Maybe 50 is one of those left handed peolpe who throw, kick, or shoot hoops with the right? I mean, i HOPE

      • tipp0183

        lol, so why would he use his left? This one is hard to defend my friend.

    • Complex_Lover

      lol. peep http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C0bRg4QF4Rk he kina dope but sound like kanye. 50 hard

    • Ghost

      If we compare the pitch to the numbers his album its gonna do, this was his best accomplishement this week!

  • Lucky Lefty

    I’m sorry, maybe it’s just me….but I could care less how multi-millionaire rappers throw a baseball. Funny, but whatever.

    • OKKK

      my nigga lucky lefty forgot to kiss the wifey goodnight and cared oh so much to type a comment in 140 characters or less.

      I R O N Y

      • Lucky Lefty

        You’re reaching. It’s not that real, dude.

  • GreenBergs

    lol think to yourselves for a second, if he threw a perfect pitch like ice cube did shit would go unnoticed, this shit is all over the blogs and everything now, these people know what they doing

    • Public Hairs

      100% true.

    • tipp0183

      Ok, fair enough. so what you’re saying is that he’s so thirsty for album attention that he is willing to look like a bitch on national television just to sell a record? #WhatWouldRickRossDo

  • WindycityG72

    ITS 50

  • HeruthaGod (Original N-G-R)

    lmfao wtf 50. man my nephews can throw a baseball better than that

  • GeorgeJet

    You guys are idiots. 50 threw like that on purpose just to keep his name buzzing before his album drops.

    • Mr. Real Talk

      No, you’re the idiot if you really believe that shit

      • Dwight Stewart

        tmz has video of him throwing them strikes in the bullpen just before

        • tipp0183

          OK, fake Dwight Stewart, Then 50 is just a thirsty bitch if he’s willing to deliberately embarrass himself to sell a few albums. Times must be harder than we thought for his rap career.

  • Hussle

    LMAO sorry but this was HILARIOUS

  • BlueScalise

    Curtis Wild Thing Jackson

  • Godlus

    He always does it for the press.

  • Matik

    why would anyone pay money for a mediocre album when he already gave away every track for free .. it literally makes no sense .. I been a 50 fan for over 10 years but this was a terrible marketing strategy .. this dude got an album dropping next week and nobody gives a shit cuz they already heard the album weeks ago .. I feel like im missing something but this album hasn’t come out yet and its already old news..


      I love waking up to comments like this.!! niggas on blogs giving successful millionaires business advice About marketing But yet never marketed nothing in they dam lives themselves …

      • smale45

        well watch fifs album flop then. Even after all advices from marketing experts with diplomas and shit. Guys like you are morons who think just because a person has been successful then he can’t do wrong.

      • Abe6772

        Maybe they studied marketing in school?

    • Public Hairs

      Truthfully, 50 has already stated that AA is being put out for him to reposition himself in the current musical climate (which I genuinely find to be true). AA was gonna be a damn glorified mixtape but now he’s using it to get back into the spotlight so that he can finally drop SKI. AA is so that he can do all these concerts now and get back into the spotlight.

      “Street King Immortal” will be the album he swings for the fences with later this year. Just hope it works out.

    • Abe6772

      Or maybe no one cares bc his music is trash. His passion is gone and so are his fans

    • quakedhh

      He actually didn’t give out the tracks for free at all. He sold each one on iTunes. He’s already made $3 Million off the album already so how is it a terrible marketing strategy?

  • Riz

    Hip hop really changed bro this nigga has an album out next week n nobody gives a flying fuck

    • smale45

      it changed, but Fif’s album is AVERAGE. Shit has no longevity and is just average. No one’s buying the album. Interscope was doing Fif a favor buy pushing his average shit back from release.

      • Abe6772

        Word. No one cares for 50 cent anymore. But, he sill got more money than anyone on this site

        • smale45

          we’re not talking about how much money he has you money counting bitch

          • Abe6772

            whoa, kinda harsh there, buddy. I was just agreeing with your statement, but also highlighting how he doesn need to make new music bc of his amount of wealth.

          • smale45

            actually, you’re wrong. If fifty’s album was a huge success then he could get new amazing partnerships with certain companies, which would bring in new possibilities like back in the day when he was “hot”. he wants to be at the top of the show biz again.

      • Anthony Kelley

        interscope had nothing to do with this material period it was supposed to be a mixtape, clowns kill me actiing like they know what the they talking about foh

    • GreenBergs

      bruh, dude practically released the WHOLE album already, what’s there to give a fuck about??

  • DaFuqWasThat?

    oh… so that’s why he started selling drugs.

  • Buster Cherry

    50 thought the camera man was the catcher, just a bit outside…. the announcer went Bob Uecker haha.

  • Buster Cherry

    Darryl Strawberry threw better when he was high on cocaine

    • Buster Cherry

      I meant Doc Gooden but you get my drift.

  • JACK

    Juuust a bit outside!!!!!! lol


    Funny… I’m gonna throw his new album the same way!

    • Damian Marshall


  • Anthony Kelley

    Well at least he can hoop and play football lol, it was funny he even on instagram going in on himself….

  • .LOL.

    damn that was bad it had to be on purpose lol this story is everywhere even the news in Europe right before his release

  • Abe6772

    Is his new album still coming out?

  • Rumando

    Funny thing is @50cent throws better than 90% of the @Mets pitching roster!!

  • Coroner

    46th law of power: “NEVER APPEAR TOO PERFECT”.

    In fact, he was doing it right!

    • tipp0183

      Stop it, please stop it.

  • this shit is getting way more media coverage than it should be…

  • Trillionare

    He did the shit on purpose its to obvious to keep people talking bout him……. and what are people doing TALKING BOUT HIM. 50 be on his business shit 24/7

  • .LOL.

    why hasn’t rr updated this with 50’s response and the video from tmz showing him practicing before perfect

    dude clearly knew what he was doing

  • .LOL.
  • Anthony Kelley

    TMZ has a video of this man throwing strikes just before he walked out to pitch hmmm? Album out next week, gained a bunch of publicity……. he threw those other pitches perfectly

    • tipp0183

      desperate times call for desperate measures i guess.

  • Anthony Kelley

    don’t hate on Fif just yet ha ha ha ha, he knows what he is doing ha

    • tipp0183

      if he has to do this to get publicity then we should be a little concerned. Not even Ross went this far.

      • RIK ROZZ

        Ross would never get asked to do anything remotely athletic…

  • Damian Marshall

    Free Promo, Now his name is buzzing.

  • GetReal

    this publicity stunt won’t make people buy his album so it was pointless

  • tipp0183

    The things niggas do for attention. Is this the same guy who got shot 9 times? It kinda makes sense now.

    • NYC Shawty

      What makes sense? You think he took 9 slugs for attention? Fucking moron he capitalized on his amazing life story.

  • nadrojj
  • TeF

    50 got invited to throw a first pitch, you’re living at your mom’s house finishing up a bag of flaming hot Cheetos, I’m not sure ya’ll have a right to talk shit about this man or his pitch.

    • GetReal

      you probably was doing that exact same thing thats why you said it you here in RR comments just like us shut your faggot ass up

    • thinkNIGGAthink!LOL

      you mean 50 PAID to throw out the first pitch! When you SEE 50 on TV and on the RADIO he PAID to be there! Ain’t nobody CALLING 50 for shit! He SPENDING BIG BUCKS! That’s why he can’t AFFORD to BABY SIT Yayo and Banks no more. lol 50 don’t get BOOKED for SHOWS in the U.S! He PAYING to be on Summer Jam! It comes out of his MARKETING BUDGET! Since he INDIE now and SPENDING HIS OWN MONEY that mean his BUDGET whatever he want to spend! You think they just put up that BIG ASS BILLBOARD in TIME SQUARE just because he 50 CENT? FUCK NO! 50 SPENT MILLIONS on that shit!

      • Dwight Stewart

        you are retarded! He’s headlining summer jam, Met Life concert, Good Morning America concert series.. but no one books him?

        Of course he paid for that big ass billboard in times square… just like Jay-Z did for Roc Sports. they don’t give out billboard space for free. As for the tv and radio he doesn’t have to pay them i never heard of anyone buying themselves a first pitch.

  • animal ambition

    This will make him sell more copies of Animal Ambition. I’m predicting somewhere between 300-450 k the first week. Before the end of the year AA will be platinum.

    • smh

      I see about 60K copies the first week with 50 buying about 30K copies his self.

  • afromix

    you guys don’t know but , celebrities are suppose to miss that through , it is good publicity. it make people talk .

  • TrillSouth

    good thing he’s not a pitcher.