New Music: Plies “All Of Me”


All Or Nothing.

Plies is such the romantic. Instead of admiring her curves and edges, here’s his version of John Legend’s hit ballad. You can always count on Algernod to say the right things. Ha! His  ‘Purple Heart’ is coming soon.

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  • QaadiruRashaad

    THIS IS SOME BULLSHIT!!!!!!!!! Im a fan of Plies. I think he’s a good artist, who has a niche in this business but straight up this is some BULLSHIT. He took such an incredible song with such depth and meaning and rapped that BULLSHIT over it. UNACCEPTABLE FAM!!!!

    • cry me a river

      • QaadiruRashaad


    • primocreative


      • QaadiruRashaad

        what’s “bitchassness” stating my opinion? what’s “BITCHASSNESS” is, you reading my opinion and taking it personal. Now thats “BITCHASSNESS” !!! You act like Plies is going to give you a backstage pass to chop it up with him. YOU DUMB ASS!!!!!!!!!!LMAO

  • kem

    I agree totally#wacktrack…not recomended.#messedup#smh

  • Absolutely wack son, c’mon man seriously ? not so much…

  • Lmao. Plies a real nigga for this, though.