• Teterboro

    fart on them bars… ass gas

    • MassConglom

      Struggle bar fest… HashTag,lololol.

  • ggogins

    Bars were straight, but he needs to work on pronunciation. Bars don’t mean sht if you are the only one who understand em. If it weren’t for it being acapella, half of it would have been lost in translation.

  • Kay-R

    Game killed this nigga’s career before his XXL freestyle. Ha!



    • Stephon Grant

      Anotha broke nigga hatin

    • Jay

      Hating Ass Nigga Stfuuu

  • Chi all day. Fuck the rest

    bunch of fuckin haters in the c-section. yall never gon come here and say that. Chi been running the industry. your favorite rapper took our flow.

    • It’s Just Music

      But get it while you here, boy
      Cause all that hype don’t feel the same next year, boy

  • jumpshotshawtymightbrick

    all im see is hating ass niggas commenting. im pretty sure you niggas are not succeeding more than he is but still wanna talk shit. this shit is straight. all yall hip hop late 80’s and 90’s head niggas have several seats and let thee young niggas shine

    • Abe6772


  • sajjad akbar

    did thz nigga dry snitch on everybody n his hood though>

  • Abe6772

    With the rapid decline of music (mainly rap) why would anyone in their right mind want to get into the rap game? Most rich rappers made their wealth through ventures that weren’t even related to rap or it’s culture. It’s a risky business. Good luck to these new rappers, getting the fame, but w/o the money.

    • It’s Just Music

      Rap music isn’t declining, not even by a far shot.
      Couple years ago it was only rock bands like Coldplay. Radiohead, & U2 selling out ARENAS (not little gigs) throughout the world,
      Now you have Jay. Ye, Drake, Em, and countless others being international rock stars, doing what rock did, and now rock is on the decline,

      Records dont sell no more because of technology and greedy corporate entities. but the impact music has on culture, especially RAP MUSIC is impossible to ignore.

      the rap game is exactly that, a GAME, you have to play to win, and that’s with anything in life.
      most of these young cats make one decent hit, get signed, and think the work is over from there.
      they learn the hard way.

      Only the one’s who LOVE making music from the bottom of their soul make it, and eventually cash out. Look at Drake & Kanye, they are FOREVER in the studio, and you can tell how much work they put in their music. even if you don’t like it.

      The new rappers chasing the fame and money will fizzle out and the dope one’s will stay. Durk, Chief Keef, and all those chicago rappers won’t be here next year, and we ALL know that.

      • matt

        that’s what people said last year and the year before. take a seat.

        • It’s Just Music

          chief keef just came out last year with two hit records, where is he now?
          young chop was one of the most sought out producers last year, where is he now?
          Lil Bibby & Lil Herb got free promo for Tyler the Creator and Drake, where are they now?

          I am not a hater, if they can stay and hold their own, then I applaud them, but the recent trend shows other wise.

          Lil Durk is here this year, what about the next?

  • Bruh Bruh

    alot of good points being made here..
    bad pronunciation, non-rhyming…

    I love me some hardcore but so many other guys do it BETTER.

    XXL freshman due to hype/buzz but not talent.
    hopefully he can turn buzz into talent & commerce, good luck playboy!

  • Chip

    Fuck XXL for not putting Chinx Drugz on the cover!

  • Killa

    Yall gay Durk realist niggas out.Yall can keep listening to Chance and these other faggie privalleged niggas moonlighting as real niggas. SMH