• Free Gunplay’s Chain!

    everyone on this song should die, especially them migos niggas

  • Donn

    Future Come Get Your Kids!!!!

    • Epul

      All these niggas are Future sons… Throw Camp K in the mix too

    • Kay-R

      Ahahahaha… nice one yooo!
      He’s the godfather of this retard-ness.

  • tha OG

    New ATL suck!!!! Luda T.I & young jeezy & outkast is the real ATL

  • Von

    Man what the hell lol

  • staytru

    you right tha og tru

  • Early Earl

    Lower case “atl’

  • Kay-R

    These mentally deranged monkeys have been ruining the name of Rap and they running a circus around it. If only ‘Pac is alive…

  • FiddleB

    I like it. Whether we like it or not, this is the new Atlanta. This
    is the sound you hear. The west getting strong with a unique sound, NY
    coming back, Midwest is trying, and Atlanta going strong. Yeah it may be
    a little elementary but they talked about Outkast too when they came

    • Jeremy Conley

      Yeah you got a point…but damn it still.

  • Dream

    Damn i might need to find a new genre of music to listen to

  • Hip Hop Head

    All these niggas wack but I fux with this jawn on the low

  • Royale

    LMAO at “Future come get your kids” . i see what their saying with the “New ATL” but not quiet.

  • disqus_UAljU6Tnqz

    RT @ thaOG. Yall can keep that new Atlanta shit! Future included. I blame Kast for stopping, they set the standard for Southern Hiphop and now all of this bullshit is coming of Atlanta and Chicago from these young cats, smh