New Video: 3D Na’Tee “We Made It”

we made it 3d na'tee

Top Of The Hood.

3D Na’Tee is just getting started. With the ink dry on her All Def Digital deal, she celebrates the next step with a rendition of Drizzy’s track. Says Na’Tee:

The T.Mixes are back and this time I decided to remix Drake’s “We Made It.” I linked up with Quincy Scott, a 20 year old director/editor from New Orleans, for the visual that we shot back at home. It’s public knowledge that I recently signed a deal with Russell Simmons’ All Def Music record label backed with distribution from Universal Records. When people heard the news, naturally the expected me flash money on Instagram, go and purchase a new car, or do some other flashy shxt to prove that I recently reached a new tax bracket. And although I’m richer than I’ve ever been, that’s not the reason I feel like I made it. I’m still driving the same Dodge and drinking 3D Na’Tee Daiquiris instead of Dusse and Ace of Spades. “She Made It,” or at least she’s on her way to making it, because she did it her way. And that my friends, is the coldest feeling ever… song lyrics posted below.

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  • 3DNa’Tee you got it!! I cannot wait to bump around with this, I love the way you flo.

  • .LOL.

    RR really trying to push this chick HA

    • Cmon Son

      like…..REALLY trying. Only blog I ever see her on

    • Vurbz Fenomeno

      at least they’re pushing another female rapper..its stale out here for the fairer sex in the rap game..all we got is nicki and iggy

      • doctor d

        crazy timing is that 3d natee just signed to a major label, they need to push her…. like right now

  • BigDeal

    Beast. Never a lame verse

  • poetic assasin

    She can spit though, push her every single day.

  • doctor d

    competition is needed, female rap is coming back to the mainstream…. this chick nicer than them all though, plus her body aint fake and she aint out here wearing pink fried chicken wings chains n shit

    iggy has the white privilege advantage… culture vulutre shit, like miley cyrus,,, they take our style and everything and ppl act like they invented it

    nicki is fake (everything about her), she can rap but she’s out here hobbling and coonbooning for the white folks… trying be like lady gaga….etc, nicki is no longer accepted in the white pop world, so now she’s trying to come back to her roots…. she been sold out………….

    3D NATEE is everything the game is missing… really

  • The Incredible Creation
  • FiddleB

    …..i guess….

  • it’s the roc

    DEFINITELY rooting for her

  • gerry W.

    refreshing… bdot picked a winner

  • WeHereNow

    Wow I just found out about this girl on RR and she’s legit. I wonder why she’s never been on WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORLD STARRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!