Troy Ave & BSB Return To Breakfast Club

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Good Morning New York City.

Troy Ave was back with the Breakfast Club today and brought his Brick Star Boyz along. Troy spoke on the label, his new found success, XXL freshman class, pressure of switching up sound, Lloyd Banks and more.




 Back at the crack of dawn with Power 105, Troy Ave plug his album New York City during his second visit with the Breakfast Club. He also discussed being independent, his recent endorsement, New York rap and more.


Troy Bandana kicked it with Power 105 this morning. He spoke on his new mixtape, relocating from Queens to BK and being an independent artist. Download Bricks In My Backpack 3 today.

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  • Ridalen


  • industryinsider

    WTF…this dude is horrible and been that way since he was selling them 3 dollar tapes….gtfoh….

  • the brain trust

    Who is pushing this nigga? I mean, how did he get on the Breakfast club?

    Cuz i’ve I heard a few songs by dude & he’s terrible.

    • K.W.

      troy average

    • SNITCHING 101

      Is 50 SNITCHING on Ross? This is what 50 said in court! BABY MAMA LAWSUIT!!!!
      50 says Ross is actually the one who created the problem because he or one of his lackeys was first to post it … 50 just linked to it. 50 points to an interview Ross did with a radio station the day before the video was posted in which he said he was going to put the sex tape online.

      • Rachel Dolezal

        Lol. You’re replying to a comment from 3 years ago. That ninja could be dead, in jail, or no more into Hip-Hop now… Blame Rap radar for piling up these videos.

        • THATS SNITCHING 101

          Naw, I did that just to get the comment up HIGH! This court doc just came out TODAY! 50 in court trying to SNITCH on ROSS! You don’t say another mans NAME in COURT when you trying to get out of TROUBLE!!!

    • Shirley K. Lee

      I love Rap Radar


      ———–Continue Reading>

  • oDC

    It’s like open mic over there. Thiat show stay booking irrelevant artist.
    It’s clear they’re desperate to have content for the show so they throw anybody on
    not a good sign.

  • is he big in NYC? i youtube’d him and he sounds kind wack.

    • Megamind

      NO..he’s NO ONE here…literally…maybe in BK…I’m from Harlem…but as a collective, the city is no behind this cat. They are TRYING to force him on the people but we can see through the facade…and his sales are ACCURATE! He didn’t sell shit!

      He’s a cornball!





  • BK Stand Up

    TROY AVE!!! I respect this guy

  • St810

    He just dropped a dime on Fab. Fab girl didn’t know about that lol.

  • @St810 werd?

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  • CanYouAllHearMe

    Dude really stepped his game up on that new york city album

  • brooklyna

    he is not terrible,.,.. he’s dope

  • JuJu

    he’s right about that weirdo music

  • Yeah

    The Joint he got with Tony Yayo is TOUGH!

  • krow132

    Everybody wanna act like they dont listen to other rapper’s or other people’s music. Yeaaah whatever

  • Jimmy I

    I don’t get the hype behind this guy, maybe it’s a New York thing

  • Coney

    Being from NYC I can tell you that Troy Ave is definitely the hottest in the streets right now. The whole city is behind him, from the DJ’s to other NY rappers, they supporting him. I personally like his music, but at the same time I can see why somebody wouldn’t, especially if you not from here. But i think in the next year or 2 he gonna be mainstream.

    • Cmon Son

      Hottest in the streets? I agree he gets a lot of support from local dj’s/other rappers but honestly I don’t know too many people who fucks with him strictly as a fan. I guess being the only relevant nigga in a state makes you “hottest” by default tho…too much bitches & fashion, NY missing in action…

    • ManFrizzLe

      Coney must be working for Troy. No one in NYC cares. Popularity/trends are 90% the same everywhere in the US. It’s 2015 man. This guy is awful and his interviews/attitude make it worse. He sounded like a clown on Breakfast Club today.

      • Megamind

        Man…this cat is THEE worst…i don’t like Young Thug or Fetty Wap but at least there ORIGINAL! Same with Migos!

        This doo-doo bird ass nigga is cocky for NO reason. All those features, etc and he’s still in neutral. I don’t wish no ill on a Black man moving in the right direction but make moves and bubble on the low…let you MOVES do the talking. But that’s this generation.

        You know what he is…he’s a street version of Kanye MINUS the accolades…the same way LeBron and Kanye has the TRACK RECORD to say they are great…this cats is FAR from that…REALLY far from that!


        • Hiphopistrashnow

          bruh dont ever say that kanye shit again or someone will smack the shit out you.

          • Megamind

            I wish you had reading comprehension…that statement obviously went over your head…but I should have expected that…that’s MY bad.


  • killah

    ransom will eat his food

  • .LOL.

    smh this has been at the top for hours, Elliott really trying push this guy

  • Free Gunplay’s Chain!

    nigga if you sign to MMG you will lose 85% of your fans

    • Emir Oded

      Best believe that! I’m one of them. Just by him saying that he would sign with Officer Ricky was enough for me. He’s done. Fact tho!

  • titus tucker

    Dude gotta stop saying G Unit/50 Cent in his interviews.. You gave him props now chill.. lol

  • authentic718

    this dude is below average, subject matter is redundant and generic and on top of it he contradicts himself all the time.. this the same dude that said he never worked a day in his life and now hes saying he had jobs @ wendy’s? same dude who was making nuttin but trap/southern music and then is shouting this NYC shit.. fuck outta here..NOT AUTHENTIC

  • BlueScalise

    Avon Blocksdale??

  • BlueScalise

    Small chain wearing Ma’fucka on his right. He looking bad. Troy need to hit em’ off with a 1/2 of something.

  • stacks

    I believe troy ave has the “potential” to be a big artist but as with a lot of NYC rappers he is going to literally “rap” himself into a box. What i mean is that he is going to make it so that no other artist will wanna work with him…just like Maino/ 50/ and whoever else…. these rappers need to start trying to be different also…Yes Chance the Rapper is a weirdo but his fan base is far bigger then troy aves fan base….and that is simply because he won’t let anybody put a label on him

  • Emir Oded

    Smfh. Troy said he wants to sign with Officer Ricky? I was riding with this dude heavy but now I can’t Fuck with him anymore after hearing this shit. I’ll prolly still listen to his shit but you better believe I’m not paying for his albums. I’m not putting one fucking red cent of mine in fat boy officer Ricky’s pockets! You fucked up with me Troy. I’m not gonna support no fat boy fake shit. Fact tho!

    • J_Red

      i dont thikn he’ll sign to ross. i think he thought it was only right to say ross on air because he’s shown the most love out of those 3 (puff, jay & ross). i def think he wants to go to a major like Def Jam, which in my opinion fits him well.

  • Slim Dickens

    Why he shitting on Combat Jack though? First time I ever heard of Troy was when he was on Jack’s show. Twice. Two or three years ago. These new niggas be forgetting who supported them now that they got new friends.

  • GetReal

    this nigga is ass i commented to ask why he’s getting this much coverage

  • LookingAssNigga

    Troy Average is a bum.


    I’m chill on this guy being a 20 year old bully.
    Chance the Rapper makes amazing music, calling people weird because they choose to fuck with psychedelics – my nigga you’re a weirdo, with your fucked up hair line and nappy ass hair. gtfo!
    It’s 2014, dudes need to chill on that “no homo” shit.
    Always acting like niggas are looking at you and want you, shit maybe you want them you closeted little freak!

    • polopolo1

      20 year old nothing hell be 30 this year

  • el jim chapo guzman

    It’s not good to talk shit if you can’t back it up.

  • Hahaha

    If you’re selling coke directly to the sniffer you never really sold coke #facto

  • RTH

    what world does this dude live in? you aint hot. no one is checking for you. you like the little kid trying to hang with all the cool kids in high school

  • polopolo1

    This Nigga Would try to take credit for being the first nigga to take a shit if he could.

    Everybody been wearing soccer gear and the soccer adidas, niggas in maryland been doing that since like 2010, and hes not even know out here like that. definetly not to the point people are jockin his swag.

    i wont lie his new york mixtape wasnt bad at all, but his new shit is weak,

  • Dark Matters

    This dude is weak, at heart. Lil high pitched Napoleon complex havin’ cat.

  • 400_Degreez

    I kinda feel sorry for him… nigga just aint got the juice like that… keep grinding tho

  • VaAllDay

    This guy is delusional.


    Everything he said made sense……. Powder……

  • Megamind

    Damn man….this cat is extra fraudulent!
    He’s NOT getting 95% off the distro. Any indie artist can get a distro with Empire distro (good this)…he’s getting 80% on the dollar…but that’s not 95. He SOLD 4500 copies! He could have negotiated something with Empire…BUT STILL those #’s don’t add up to 120k!

    This nigga couldn’t even add 1000×5 and we’re supposed to believe 4500 = 120K.
    He’s not getting that off streams, sales, or video plays…so people PLEASE do the math!

    I’m not going to even break down the math because this dude is trash bags…he’s horrible!


  • suckerfree


  • Theolonius Capricornicus

    his attitude will have him gone within a year. not only is he dry snitching in this interview, he makes no sense most of the time. also, if 50 is his idol, he needs to get his fat ass in the gym and lose that babyfat.

  • Ross

    Cmon my nigga.. Fuck all the bullshit, let yo music do all the talking. Nigga babbling on with a bunch a dumbshit

  • Santigo

    Album is garbage! The best thing on the album is the 1st song (the beat & the Cam verse)

  • heez

    Did he try to justify this brick by claiming he gets 95% of sales? He was shaky throughout the interview his math wasn’t adding up either he played himself with all the talk he does calling more successful guys weirdo because they don’t do what he believes is real rap he needs to take lessons from them

    • Young Fry King

      itunes takes 30% so.. he is lying regardless AND he is on EMPIRE distro which is another 15-20% so.. BEST case he’s getting 60% off every sale

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    If it weren’t for the Rachel Dolezal scandal, Tro Ave would have sold way more copies first week.

  • BrooklynInDa90s

    Son talk too much. Let the music talk my g.

  • the real brain trust

    Stop hating on troy ave u all commented on this cause he’s hot

  • heez

    Is he really the hottest in NYC when asap just sold 160k in a week ? This interview was the nail in his coffin

    • Savimbi

      Lol damn, asap is pretty popular overseas as well but I see what you mean.

  • PhilLee8

    C The God is bleached the fuck out, you need to ease up on the Clorox b.

    • Rachel Dolezal

      Rachel Dolezal’s turning Black while Charlamagne is turning White.
      The end of the world is nearing.


      ………..CAKE SOAP!!!! HA!!!!




  • Sin

    Wats with the timeline on these comments



  • Losayin

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