50 Cent & Trey Songz “Smoke” On ‘GMA’

trey-50 gma

Good Morning 50.

With Animal Ambition arriving Tuesday, 50 Cent’s been hard to tame. Following his pitch at Citi Field, he hit up Central Park earlier to help Good Morning America kick off their summer concert series. Following his interview, Fif hit the stage with a medley including surprise guests Joe and Trey Songz.

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  • jj

    why y’all aint post that new 50 cent schoolboy q song ?

    • Sultan

      Beacuase they are always on Rick Ross’s dick, so they don’t have time for 50

      • smh

        rick ross drake and jay z are who they dick ride for

    • IamRealTalk-BdotLivesWithDad




    • safassfaf

      Fif’s own website thisis50.com didn’t post that song… 50 needs to fire the inbred fucks who are running his website.

    • smale45

      Because it’s NOT OFFICIALLY RELEASED YET. dumb drunk loser

  • Haha

    Cause rap radar doesn’t want to watch 50 win and Ross lose. Just ask the guy who runs this sight. Cough cough**

    • Realtalk

      The site cant make people win, the only report if that happens. Be honest, 50 winning at what specifically now? His record sells? His headphones? His energy drink? His box company? 50 aint winning in years, dont be mad at the messenger! #factsonly #hatethegame

      • Vurbz Fenomeno

        real talk!

      • Anthony Kelley

        honestly he is winning with all that homie

        • Anthony Kelley

          you must not know about him and the Lucas aka Star Wars and Disney deals he just made where he owns the rights and is proven to be the number two competitor to Beats, and His Energy Drink has been number 2 to 5 hour energy drink in that market, boxing is doing pretty well to have 10 fighters, but I’d suggest instead of just running your mouth and talking shit as haters do you’d actually do your damn research. He owns the distribution for Disney and Lucas audio products, wanna be a hater fine but just know Ross’s punk ass wing stops aint got shit on what fif is doing

          • Anthony Kelley

            I’d indeed say winning, get ya weight up. Plus he won the law suit over World star, and Has 4 shows getting ready to start on television through damn near every important network there is, plus newer movie rolls with some nice A list pros now, so yeah again Id say he is winning.

          • smoss44

            get off his dick though…

          • Realtalk

            Oh, you forgot to name his natural ability to sign artists, because kidd kidd is obsviously the new Drake! LOL, GTFOH, 50 stans are delusional, i dont even call yall his fans because none of you wont buy one copy of this weak album! Congrats on that

      • Hussle

        idk. his name is always on forbes list…with no album in 5 yrs. So yeah I think he’s winning at SOMETHING at least

      • Rumando

        Ross album has been out almost 3 months now and has fizzled out already. He ain’t even performing on the same platforms as the rapper you say ain’t winning

        • Realtalk

          Ross just did 176k, tuesday lets see the great number 50 will do. By the way, none one song on the chart, and the album is old even before is release, great move!

      • Vadit Bolinger

        What have you accomplished at life again besides watching a millionaire rapper?

        • Realtalk

          And you? At least find one that is actualy winning homie

    • just asking

      if you want to FIND 50 why don’t you go to his website? He don’t promote Jay and Ross on thisis50 do he?

      • Dwight Stewart

        Jay but not Ross

      • Free Gunplay’s Chain!

        thisis50 promotes everyone but crab niggas and cops who dissed him out of jealousy!

    • MAYWEATHER wins

      WHERE THIS 50 album man anyways up and coming artist LOVE AT FIRST SOUND dropped their RECKLESS
      VIDEO … they sound like KANYE but a YEEZUS version peep http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C0bRg4QF4Rk

  • YoMamasFavorite

    50 on boss he shines even when sucks like Rap Radar try to blackball his hustle

  • .LOL.

    bumped the album twice so far and am very pleased. i would say its his 3rd best after grodt and the massacre. looking forward for ski now.

  • GetReal

    at least 50 aint lazy i will commend that

  • Vurbz Fenomeno

    50 still dresses like its circa ’03

  • Vurbz Fenomeno

    LEGIT THOUGH…if you guys only come on the comments to complain about rapradar why dont you guys mosey on to another site then?

    • GetReal

      because its actually 50 cent doing this, he doesn’t have any actual fans lol

      • NeverGoFullRetard

        Get Real.

      • Vadit Bolinger

        Where are your fans again?

        • MarloW187

          him having fans is irrelevant youre still a faggot and he doesn’t have fans, whats your point?

  • GreenBergs

    i don’t get how two new york city bloggers don’t support nyc rappers…

  • Donn

    Why his mic sound like that?

  • Hussle

    damn 50…that energy wasnt there at all!!!!! better come correct @ Summer Jam this weekend

  • realish

    50 Has the most delusional fans. ohh animal amb is a mixtape. Jus because they know ross is gonna sell more and the album is shit. they clown ross for the babymom thing and 50 gets into the same sit and ohh 50s babymom just money hungry. how many excuses yall gonna come up with? Ok he sold alot that was in 2003. Hes washed up he cant do that anymore

    • Rumando

      Sure if that comment makes you sleep better at night with your delusional thoughts of him being finished

      • grodt

        What was his last album called? Before I Self Destruct. That’s what he is doing right before your eye and you can see it.

        • Rumando

          For an artist to self destruct he would have to end up like either Nelly selling 25,000 copies of a major release or DMX strung out on drugs. 50 never sold 25k or uses drugs himself

          • grodt

            BISD only sold 26K copies the FIRST WEEK on ITUNES! Then the SECOND WEEK its sold ANOTHER 129K copies INSTORES! Interscope PULLED STRINGS to get the TWO WEEKS counted as the FIRST WEEK when BISD only sold 26K copies the FIRST WEEK on ITUNES! So you RIGHT he NEVER sold 25K but he sure as hell did SELL 26K copies the FIRST WEEK with BISD! lol And that was WITH INTERSCOPE! Its about to get UGLY without Interscope, my nigga!

          • Vadit Bolinger

            BISD sold 500,000 in the states and 600,000 WW

          • Mr. Real Talk

            YEA A WHOLE YEAR LATER!!!! And dude above clearly says the first week!!!! HAhahaha that nigga sold 26k THE FIRST WEEK!!!! What u think he gonna do now? It took BISD a whole year just to gold and that was 5 years ago with a so so single on the radio. This nigga has no buzz, no big hit single and no interscope. That nigga gonna do 15k this time hahahaha

    • Mr. Real Talk

      Realest comment on here!!! 50 fans are so sad lol they call this album a mixtape cause they know he’s not even gonna sell over 60k!!! 50s career been over

      • Vadit Bolinger

        Rappers who careers are over don’t headline Hot 97 summer jam over 50,000 people

        • realtalk

          Magic word “headline”. When he does a arena show by himself in 2014, let us know. Like jay/kanye/drake does!

          • Vadit Bolinger

            They don’t shut down central park on GMA for rappers who’s careers are over!

  • smh

    50 talk all that gangster shit, why haven’t he SHOT his STYLIST? LOL

  • Tessa

    50 is finding out that it is not as easy to be on stage on your own as he thinks it is.

    • i’moutlol

      he been had a borin’ show. his image was just larger than life. it was yayo that got the crowd hype. go to youtube and watch a 50 show. He come out with bottles of water and a towel in his back pocket. He wave the towel and toss water on the crowd and that’s a 50 show lol If you wanna hear its ya birthday and get water thrown on you then go see 50 at Summer Jam this year lol

  • LOL

    50 Cent fans only speak on his money like he’s paying them, that nigga don’t care about you stupid groupies. he hasn’t released anything worthy in over 10 years.

    • Rumando

      50 Cent haters always talking about what he used to be 11 years ago but still commenting on his post 11 years later

      • Mr. Real Talk

        Hahaha cause it’s funny seeing you 50 cent fans so bitter bout how that niggas career is ending up. He use to talk sooooooo much shit bout artist low record sales, now he’s the one with the low record sales. He use to call himself Mr. Insterscope. Then he gets dropped from the label. Then he tries to do his own headphones, then he ends up getting sued for 16 mill. This nigga use to not wanna work with nobody now he’s trying to get a feature from anybody!!!! And what tops it off is y’all fans really act as if he’s still popping like he was in 03!!! This niggas career been on a down slope since losing to Kanye.

        • Rumando

          Why would 50 fans be bitter? They wanted him to get back to the music and he’s been dropping videos every week for the past 3 months. He talked about artist not selling records but yet he’s never had an album sell less than 500,000 copies. Haters would say he got dropped from Interscope when clearly it stated he left and they paid him $23 million but Jimmy Iovine the CEO left as well. Right after signing a deal with Star Wars, NCAA and Nascar through SMS Audio he lost $16 million on a bad deal but Jay Z lost $30 million on a bad deal as well as Vince McMahon losing $350 million the past week it’s called business. When did he never work with any artist when he used to remix artist songs all the time? Yeah he lost to Kanye but wasn’t “Yeezus” Kanye’s last album his lowest selling ever?

          • Mr. Real Talk

            Nigga it took him a whole year just to reach gold on his last album!!! Now how u go from selling 10 mill to taking a whole year just to reach gold??? R u serious?? ” haters might say he got dropped” nigga he clearly did lol you 50 fans are dumb as fuck!!! Lol and he did not say he got paid 23 mill. See this is why reading is fundamental. He, clearly states since he got paid 23 mill in 03 for ringtones and singles off of GRODT that he figured the numbers would be the same. Cept those singles or ringtones weren’t and aren’t selling how they use to. So his final payoff was not 23 mill cause they weren’t doing the same numbers they were doing in 03. In that whole article he did not say he got paid 23 mill. He said he got paid never giving the number.

        • Vadit Bolinger

          Since u pocket watching where is ur $16 million again?

  • tha OG

    50 cent is winning $$$$$$$ wise but not physically album sales but hay 50 is 50 tha man is a entrepreneur

  • ManFrizzle

    I didn’t realize that because I’m from New York, I have to be a fan of all New York artists. Try to make good music, brah. That’s what I’ll support. This album is wack.

  • JACK

    missing yayo “HERE WE GO NOW!!!!

    • raj

      Since when has anyone said they miss Tony Yayo…i’m a fan of him and the whole unit. I want them back together…but let’s be real…there was never a “I miss yayo” comment when he was around….


    Wouldn’t it be brilliant if 50 messed up that pitch on purpose to get publicity. If he did it sure is working.

  • It’s Just Music

    I love 50 fans, just watching them protect their beloved idol is priceless.
    50 musically sucks.
    50 business wise, he’s winning.
    50 as a MAN, is winning.

    I love 50’s views on things and his intellectual mind where he is always one step ahead, but musically the man is done.

    I was thinking that 50 had something up his sleeve for Animal Ambition, apparently not.

  • DopeNative

    Interesting 50 Cent performing on a huge stage, and all them people there.