New Video: Ariana Grande x Iggy Azalea “Problem”

Screen Shot 2014-05-30 at 4.55.22 PM

Double Trouble.

With the song currently at #2 on the Billboard charts, Ariana Grande and Iggy Azalea get retro in their new video co-starring Big Sean.

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  • Hussle

    PopRadar? FOH

  • Abe6772

    Talk about ENHANCED voicing

  • Zod

    Stop posting this label manufactured bullshit. I bet they didn’t even write their parts.

  • Chronic

    Ariana grande is so fucking hot

    • Dope

      With that skinny body she looks undeveloped… I’d mistake her for a 12year old girl If I ever saw her live.

      • Uncle Tom

        That nigga is clearly a pedophile…. Or white but same difference

        • Chronic

          What you into fat chicks bro? I guess that’s cool if that’s your thing, it’s jut not mine.

        • Dope

          Could be

      • Jaaaav

        You’ve obviously never had an Ariana body type girl in your life bruh..they’re the tightest.

        • Dope

          No, I haven’t and I never will. I like them to have proper bodies with some curves. Not fat, just normal looking instead of this anorexic body that she has.

          • bklyndplomat

            u get no bitches….really

          • Dope

            I get the ones I prefer to get, Skinny Twigs is not my type.

      • Chronic

        That’s cool, but she’s 21 and would definitely get it

    • Uncle Tom

      You like that little boy body you suspect nigga

  • BlackAnastasia

    This is a fucking hit you Under Dig!

  • disqus_UAljU6Tnqz

    What the fuck was that? I just wanted to see iggy and now my ears are all fucked up! Rap radar, you have officially tried it.


  • 4766231

    Ariana is built like a twig, but you can’t deny that her face nice to look at. She’s pretty as hell; better looking than Iggy.

  • Theodore Pendergrass

    Might as well milk this thing while its hot. LOL.

  • DariusMrperfect Morgan

    SEAN Smahing!

  • intelligentsoul

    Iggy voice sounds like she used to impersonate southern black guys in high school w/ her white girlfriends. Its so terrible though….

  • NightBlazer

    Ariana needs to change her image and leave that Disney nonsense. She’s 20 but looks like a 14 year old. But she got potential

  • Guest

    Big Sean hit that for shore