New Video: B.o.B. “All I Want”

all i want

Money Burn.

With just about every currency available, Bobby Ray brings the almighty dollar to life in his new video. Off his latest album Underground Luxury which is what you really want here.

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  • Damon Jaafar

    Man this song is horrible dude, what is up with the auto tune voiced. This 2 thumbs down. Bull City, NC

  • smoss44

    when did bob become this guy? me no likey

  • Jp

    I understand artists feel the need to succumb to the industry and sell out but man…. I have no problem with an artist going mainstream, but BoB used to be about so much more with the messages in his music. What happened to this guy…. Disappointed fan… But whatever, make your money…

    • MAYWEATHER wins

      well said!!!!!!!!!! anyways up and coming artist LOVE AT FIRST SOUND dropped their RECKLESS
      VIDEO … they sound like KANYE but a YEEZUS version peep

    • fox

      But there is a message. He talked about how he didn’t have this stuff growing up and now (after hard work) he’s able to have it.

  • dan

    Why is he still trying to promote this awful album? Just move on.