Chance The Rapper First Pitch At White Sox Game

chance white sox pitch

Big Chance.

Following the success of his #SaveChicago campaign, Chance The Rapper took to Chicago’s US Cellular Field on Friday. Prior to the White Sox’s loss to the Padres, he threw out the game’s opening pitch. Nice arm, kid.


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  • smh

    shout out to troy ave calling this guy a weirdo rapper you will never see that boy troy throwin a pitch at the yankees game

    • tha OG

      WTF do throwing out the first pitch at a baseball game have to do at being a weirdo rapper????troy ave is a lame ass nigga for that comment

      • jj

        i think he just meant that troy ave aint gunna be poppin like that dude got such a huge ego for no reason

    • GreenBergs

      no offense and not to shit on chance, but his daddy works for barack obama, so chance is gonna blow regardless eventually…he should def. drop “the rapper” bullshit from his name…it sounds really fucking stupid when you announce the shit too or say it out loud..

      • Bli$$

        i think he add “The Rapper” so nobody gets him confused with the other chance from the reality shows. I think he raps also

  • Free Gunplay’s Chain!

    no one is going to care about this 50 had them talking for a whole week though before his album comes out, smart guy!

    • It’s Just Music

      maybe you, the stan, was talking about it the entire week, because no one I know has even mentioned it.

      • .LOL.

        lol your lying or dont watch tv and go on face book and blogs or speaks to people that was everywhere all over the world i see about it on tv in the uk and in newspapers

        • It’s Just Music

          why would I lie?
          Maybe the UK, but in the US 50 is irrelevant.

          • Mr. Real Talk

            Nigga u don’t have to explain yourself to nobody. WE ALL KNOW 50 AINT SHIT OVER HERE ANY MORE!!! That’s why he’s always touring overseas cause if he did that here, the only sold out show would be in NY lol

      • MarloW187

        my nigga no one cares about 50 outsides these little blogs no one i know even mentioned that shit cuz….nobody cares….except you

    • GreenBergs

      we heard the whole goddamn album already though, he fucking released like the whole shit practically lmfao…

      • Free Gunplay’s Chain!

        That was his plan, he released every song available for sale as an itunes single before the album comes out.

        • GreenBergs

          Thank you captain obvious lol

    • Mr. Real Talk

      He didn’t even do that on purpose!!!! Stop dick riding for one fucking second damn. That grown ass nigga throw like a bitch just face it & please stop making it seem like if he did plan it that it was some genius idea. I mean if having the whole world saying u throw like a lil girl is worth ppl talking bout you then that’s pretty fucking sad. What ppl gonna be like “oh, 50 throw like a bitch let me go out and buy his cd” hahaha that shit is not gonna get more record sold. This shit is gonna flop something serious and the only thing that can save it from flopping is if 50 buys 100k himself and even if he does that he’s really losing so much money.

  • Donn

    Chance the leader of the freshman class

  • O.G

    Could have did better but good look for Chance

  • DariusMrperfect Morgan

    This show how hard it is to throw a baseball that far away…..i got respect for baseball pitchers!

    • Sugar Knight

      yeah its definitely harder than it looks, especially to throw a straight 90mph+ ball

    • Chronic

      He also had no form, dude didn’t even step threw on his throw

  • The Incredible Creation

    a lot of Baseball stadiums all seem to be really empty these days lol *shrugs*

  • one gee two gee three gee four

    what a GAY throw. even drake could do better

  • Freaky FrogNuttz

    50 should kill his self if this fruitcake can throw a better pitch then he did..