New Music: Drake “0 To 100”

Hot 97 Summer Jam 2014

Pay Your Bills.

We interrupt your Summer Jam experience to bring you new music from Drake. Produced by 40 and Nineteen85, the song stretches past six minutes with a beat change at the halfway mark. Tuck your summer in?


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    DOPE!! drizzy always killing ish mane

  • aye

    smh this nigga kendrick need to start dropping some records already. that boy drizzy still goin


      kendrick touring bro!! hell drop soon i think i saw somehwere that he working on his

    • LookingAssNigga

      When you about the craft and not about the attention then you don’t need to drop a bunch of irrelevant tracks to stay relevant and stay in these hoes mouth. Thats why people still bumpin’ GKMC like it dropped last week while none but instagram hoes are twerking to NWTS. Kendrick a real nigga, he ain’t like them other niggas with 10% content and 90% gimmick. Kendrick 100% bout his craft.

      • facts

        kendrick got one classic drake just got 3 good albums theres a difference

        • LookingAssNigga

          None of Drake albums are classics. I’m not delusional, Drake is a bigger artist, has more fans, makes more money, yada yada. I can dig many of Drakes tracks, dude is not trash. But I can’t invest anything in a dude who is still getting his heart broken by Rihanna, who is jumping on whoever’s ship is in the media right now, whether its Lebron, Manziel or any other artist/athlete. Thats not the type of shit I dig. I respect people with integrity, who let their work speak, who do not seek attention. Maybe thats just me.

          Regarding the albums, Drake has dropped 3 good albums but no timeless classic, my man Kendrick did it on the first try.

          • Mr. Real Talk

            You can say Drake has no classic, but please don’t act like you’re speaking for the whole entire world. That’s your opinion, just like I know a lot of ppl that don’t even like GKMC.

          • LookingAssNigga

            If your friends don’t like GKMC, thats their business, everyone is entitled to their own opinion. But more people than not, at least people who are into hip hop will happily or reluctantly agree that GKMC is a classic.

            …and don’t twist my words, I never said I speak for the whole world, I even stated that my opinion may or may not only be shared by myself.

          • Mr. Real Talk

            Es are niggas that listened to Wu, Onxy, Eminem, big, pharo Monch wtf u mean ” ppl that are into hiphop?” Es are the ppl that grew up on hip hop!!! And just because something is popular doesn’t mean it’s a classic. I don’t hear a single soul in Philly, Camden, Trenton or NY still playing GKMC and when someone brings him up it’s always about the control verse.

          • youngtune410

            But the question is will the next try even be nearly as good? Because this whole Kendrick thing is gonna be a slap in the face if he doesn’t deliver properly (which I think he will be able to do) but be honest growth over 3 good/amazing albums is better then having 1 classic album and a lukewarm follow up and as far as him getting it right the first try I just hope he doesn’t have the sophomore slump criticism like nas and jay after illmatic and reasonable doubt

        • HeruthaGod (Original N-G-R)

          I like the fact that you said drakes album were just good. let some of his fans tell it they were all classic smh

        • DIesel

          Y’all trippin saying Take Care wasnt a classic. I don’t need to remind anyone that it took the Grammy for best hiphop album n I’m not gonna say that makes it a classic but it’s something. Besides the awards tho take care is a certified classic man drizzy perfected his style on that one and said some REAL shit

      • Brian B.Dot™ Miller

        Why does it always have to be Drake vs. Kendrick? They both dope.

        • jj

          there can only be 1 lol. people just like competition

        • LookingAssNigga

          They are always compared cause they are opposites. Drake is Drake and will always have more fans and support around the world due to his easier to digest content. However, Kendrick should be placed in the same bracket as Eminem and 50 Cent when they dropped their first album, no 2nd album is as anticipated since them dudes.

          • hands

            em’s first album didn’t get him that much attention. his 2nd album did. and 50’s 2nd album was garbage.

          • LookingAssNigga

            “Bro”, you seem a few sandwiches short of a picnic saying stupid shit like The Massacre was garbage lol. He switched it up and did something different as he basically gave his second album to Game to put him on. This is how we do and Hate it or love it was supposed to be on fifty’s second album. Still he sold like 10+ million records.

          • taeg90

            Massacre was nasty tho.

            Fave track off dat was I Don’t Need Em.

          • BlaqCeeza

            In My Hood is my jawn!

          • Vurbz Fenomeno

            nah..massacre was garbage

          • spliffffthisdick

            shit you must have never listened to the massacre..

            in my good.. im supposed to die tonight.. the heroin song. ski mask gatman and robin my toy soldier BITCH GET IN MY CAR.. gr8 one..

            Fuck that album is pretty good.. I know i forgot the radio smashes but even they were understandable(the story that 50 tried to recreate candy shop with every song doesn’t really play in my eyes but whatever)

          • sway-z

            That album was a few weak radio songs away from being better than GRODT, it’s basically 50’s In My Lifetime Vol. 1

            Ryder Music
            Position of Power
            In my Hood
            Supposed to die tonight
            Ski Mask Way

            Gunz come out
            Get in my Car
            Toy Soldier
            Gatman & Robin
            Jus a lil bit (the only radio joint he really needed on there)
            God gave me style

            Shit, if just those were on the album, it would easily be his best, not to mention the tracks he gave to Game. People sleep on the Massacre way too hard…

          • It’s Just Music

            wild lmao
            not the biggest 50 fan, but Massacre was dope as fuck.

        • Chronic

          Because theyre the 2 guys that get the most hype. And because of the obvious shots both have thrown at eachother.

        • GetReal

          because they’re the nicest emcees in the game, and they obviously have some type of competitive rift between them, its not wrong that they are compared

        • DIesel

          Haters can’t comprehend success, they need to see it die away

      • fox

        Maaan shut up with that shit. I swear it’s funny when people act like they know what everyone else is listening to like they know everybody. Drake might drop more tracks but he puts just as much effort into his as anyone else.

        Kendrick superfans are starting to get as annoying as Nas superfans.

        • LookingAssNigga

          He does, but he ain’t given us any classic albums yet. He got some classic tracks though. GKMC is the most special album in hip hop since Eminem and 50’s first projects, thats a fact. Tell me one artist who hasn’t dropped a single track in 2 years but is still talked about as one of the best in the business.

      • It’s Just Music

        kdot still performing bitch don’t kill my vibe somewhere.

        Drake a gimmick? Doing crazy numbers on his world tour? sponsored by jordan? toronto raptors ambassador? bagging rihanna? dude is winning stop being bitter.

        you kendrick stans are killing your idol. he dropped one classic. can he do it again? you guys better hope so, if not, he’ll be out the door quick. all that gas and he gonna pop.

        • LookingAssNigga

          My dude, as I said, Drake is more popular, makes more money and “gets more bitches”. But if thats you definition of a special human being then thats on you. Kendrick dropped a classic in his first attempt. Kendrick didn’t have no radio backing him, his album did great numbers and the buzz built up AFTER the album dropped, thats when radio jumped on his coat tail. Thats greatness.

          Respect Kendrick for what he is, a force who alone balances up a culture filled with superficial molly poppin’, lean sipping’, twerking degenerates. Kendrick is the opposite of everything I despise in hip hop, the materialistic and sexually obsessed tumor. You don’t need to respect or like Kendrick, but for me and many others he’s the most refreshing and important thing to happen to hip hop since Eminem.

          And don’t worry, his next album will be nothing short of greatness, just watch.

          • Theodore Pendergrass

            Cosign that fam, couldn’t said it better.

          • Vurbz Fenomeno

            my dude….drake almost got a grammy off of “so far gone”..please dont downplay dudes impact on the game just because he’ more “mainstream” than kendrick..thats like saying nas is realer than jay because jay got more mainstream appeal..

          • LookingAssNigga

            I’ve already stated it. Drake is not trash, he’s actually the only dude who can challenge Kendrick lyrically out of the mainstream rappers. He just have to many character flaws and weaknesses for me to get behind that. I don’t like dudes who do everything in their power to be seen and recognized. Also as I’ve said before, Drake has the female population on lock, which makes him popular among dudes who trying to get with the females too. I got no problems with that, but thats not my cup of tea.

            Still, I don’t hate Drake, he makes good music, I just regard Kendrick to be something special, something thats well and above Drake even if he ain’t got as much bitches, fame or money as drake. Kendrick never proclaimed to be a hit maker or to be the richest nigga in the game, he’s trying to make timeless music with meaning and he does a hell of a job doing that. Wait for his sophomore album, shit will be greatness, he’s quiet for a reason, he about to drop something special.

          • It’s Just Music

            same here.

            i fuck with kdot, i think he’s dope, but his fans make me hate the guy.

            Let the man make another album before we give him the verdict.

            GKMC is a classic, hands down, only a hater would argue other wise. But can he do it again?

            Let’s not talk mixtapes.

            Drake don’t have a classic yet, but he has THREE exceptional albums.

            when k dot delivers another album, then we can compare.

          • deedotal

            My man! Church!

          • Rena

            Don’t count your chickens….just let him be great and stop trying to predict the future. Time will tell. It reminds me of when certain people would swear to God that T-Mac and Vince Carter were better than Kobe. Just wait and see – give him the crown once he earns it.

        • HeruthaGod (Original N-G-R)

          a lot of people think the KL EP, Overly Dedicated & Section. 80 are better than GKMC. I’m sure if you heard Kendrick’s past tapes you know what he’s capable of & know he’s not about to drop the ball esp. after the type of year he had & all the hype surrounding him.

      • Jerome

        This my brotha is true

      • Brown Mamba

        Listen, You sound like you hatin. I’m a fan of Kendrick and I like him more than Drake, but you can’t take away the fact that drake has been killin it even after his album release he still releasing songs and they’re not shit either. After Kendrick Released GKMC He stopped and was just featuring on songs. And Control was HYPED it was nice but hyped. So I’d give Drake the upper hand rn.

      • ncprecise

        go research all the “real nigga” cosigns that drake gets… he’s 100% about his craft too sir

    • raw

      Guess thats what happen when you are sign to aftermath. Quality over quantity though. Just watch when his album drops all them niggas gonna ride his dick again for sure bruhhh

    • drake is nice but overall kendrick >>>>

    • Chronic

      That snippet from that dre commercial still got me more hyped up than anything drakes dropped

  • Real Talk

    This shit first half sound like Wayne’s “Believe me” with Drake out days ago

  • LookingAssNigga

    Trash, sounds exactly the same as all his tracks.

  • Donn

    Drake really raps about his life man. Every line is real. U can say it all sounds the same but don’t u see that that’s what being an artist means. Finding YOUR sound.

    • LookingAssNigga

      Bro, one can only hear a set number of tracks about bitches, parties and his middle class life in Toronto. Switch it up, do something different for once.

      • Chronic

        That’s just it, this dude has run outta anything meaningful to talk about, and he never came from true struggle so he can’t fall back on that like a lot of rappers do

        • LookingAssNigga

          Maybe we just two suckers cause we don’t respect weak shit. Reminiscing over bitches is for the birds, thats not what I’m checking for at the moment lol.

  • EagleFly

    Love him or hate him Drake stay beastin

  • EagleFly

    Same beat as King Shark – The Anthem though

    • Ryan Carter

      What are you talking about this beat sounds nothing like “the anthem” what is wrong with your ears lol

      • EagleFly

        Made you listen though lol

  • Niggasnhoes

    I feel my IQ dropping every time I read the comments on here.

    • u think this bad u should head over to worldstar lol

      • Brown Mamba


      • It’s Just Music


    • Sam Robilotta


  • Home Of Philly

    Lawd…. he run this shit SMH… Is anyone a close second?

  • i fuck with this im 50 50 on drake music some of just bores me but when he drops some real lines over some nice production im listening

  • sam

    drizzy the young king in the game out of this generation he number 1 no contest

  • Oceans22

    Drake post.. Leave k dot outta of it.
    Vice versa
    Dope track esp for a giveaway

  • HeruthaGod (Original N-G-R)

    this def isn’t trash but I don’t understand the hype. More decent at best lyrics & fans acting like it’s the greatest thing ever. Drake fans love mediocrity

    • LookingAssNigga

      When the core following is sensitive and emotionally unstable teens, everything sounds like greatness when it comes out of their prophets mouth.

      • intelligentsoul

        keyboard warrior

  • Boboblaw

    Drizzy still got some ’09

  • Word

    There’s something about Drake that sounds so formulaic. Its dope but most of his songs are dope, never suberb, because he sticks to this exact same formula every time. He’s the safest artist in the game because he sticks to this one formula. None of this is negative because I like the music. Just wish I his shit was less predictable.

    • Adam Arsenal

      Hold On was superb. The tune made everyone know he’s going to be around for a very long time.

  • LookingAssNigga

    How can you be the greatest thing since sliced bread, as Drake fans makes it seem, when your peers in the rap game don’t respect you? All of them clown on Drake. They get Drake on their tracks, they pat him on his back, they kiss up to him all because he got the bitches on lock. Drake on the track equals clicks and attention. Tell me one rapper who doesn’t respect Kendrick Lamar? Tell me one rapper of relevance who has the balls to diss Kendrick, none.

    You know why? Cause they don’t want that work, there’s nothing you can clown Kendrick on while Drake gives you plenty to disrespect. Did anyone have the balls to come at Kendrick’s neck after the Control verse? none. What do you think would’ve happened if Drake was the one who released that verse? Dudes would’ve came out the woodwork clowning his ass.

    Dude got dumped by Rihanna for the 10th time cause he loved her too much, I respect men you guys respect sensitive boys.

    • HeruthaGod (Original N-G-R)

      well there were a lot of rappers that came at Kendrick (some saw the verse for what it was & others saw the verse as disrespect) but other than that I agree. Drake is talented but bruh has mad character flaws & he just seems so bitchy that it’s hard for me to respect him other than for his musical ability

      • LookingAssNigga

        Yeah I know, bum ass Papoose got his 15 minutes of fame off of that. We all know rappers took it correctly cause it was Kendrick, if Drake did the same thing he’d get trashed.

    • Mr. Real Talk

      Wtf is your dick riding ass talking bout? meek mills came at him. Joel Ortiz, Lupe, Fred the godson mad other rappers. Please get Kendrick’s dick out of ur mouth for 2 secs. And what rap peers don’t respect Drake? Hov said he’s up next after him. Yeezy said he’s the hottest rapper out right now. Eminem even said he was dope!!!

    • Oceans22

      Everyone in the game takes Drake serious. Trust.

  • smfh

    damn man if you hate on this then u deaf drake is the best rapper alive and im a hip head this wu inspired fo real

  • Buster Cherry

    Drake that nigga, the most versatile nigga in the history of hip hop

    • Abe6772

      What do you mean by that?

  • Abe6772

    I can’t get Into it

  • Jose Perez

    meanwhile kendrick is invisible

  • jim7

    half of thiese damn comments are about Kendrick vs drake… like stfu about it already,,, there is more than one king of rap.. more than one queen of pop
    these stan wars are too much sometimes… Drake is an amazing talent… Kendrick also is… whats the prob

    • Jose Perez

      these kendrick stans are just mad cuz drake is still putting out new music for his fans meanwhile kendrick is somewhere playing call of duty.

  • sam

    Can we just enjoy the music without the comparison

  • poetmm .

    They still hating on Drizzy I tried to tell y’all its going to take more than memes and Jay-z and Charlamagne Tha God and everyone on Twitter and instagram to take Drizzy down.
    Boy been in this five years no slowing down.

    If I haven’t passed you yet, watch me catch up now, for real- #WORD

    • Los

      Realshit bruh

  • Young Kobe

    All these songs he’s dropping are cool but I’m not playing these joints more than a couple times that’s for sure!

  • Freaky FrogNuttz

    Drake the type of nigga to bring flowers to the strip club

  • Adam Arsenal

    The Drake v Kendrick debate is irrelevant now. Drake is far, far superior than Kendrick, that’s not to say Kendrick isn’t dope, but people need to open their eyes. The way Drake can just adjust to different beats is unique.

  • Oz

    earl sweatshirt – new faces verse poo poos on this “Slight frown on the brow on the brim, color brown

    Runnin’ wild on the route that was picked

    When the clouds branch out

    I’m out with my face in the shallow, drownin’ again” flawless victory

  • FiddleB

    Drake steady coming with the heat. It does sounds like “Believe Me” though. Drake is just continuing furthering his career. What everyone else doing?….NOTHING….

  • Michael Ibbett

    Who’s that creepy sneak in the background of the picture

  • Sam Robilotta

    “They aint make me man they found me like this ” damn how’s he come up with this shit

  • FreSH82

    Drizzy setting the bar high.. this nigga winning percentage high as f**k

  • Dre

    Kendrick Really Dropped To Classics Because Section 80 Was More Like An Record Than A Mixtape, But Officially He Does Have One Classic Drake Has None. Drake Music Not Timeless At All. All His Records Good For 2 Weeks 3 Weeks Tops Then Its On To The Next Joint. Im Not A Huge Drake Fan By Far Hes Talented And He Can Rap, He Just Dont Have Any Great Content Or Substance To Me.

    • intelligentsoul

      Let Kendrick put some more work in before he can be mentioned in Drakes company.

      • Hipster

        Section 80 was a Official Independent Album, not a Mixtape.

    • CZO

      Take Care is classic !

  • & Drake season continues… I love what he brings to the table when it comes to music, he’s iconic.

  • The Incredible Creation
  • Troll The Duck

    This joint been on repeat.

  • sqilas

    I have to say, the instrumental is alright, It kinda reminds me WU…Meth, Ghost, Rae should do a remix!

  • Frontrunner


  • devo

    yall have your favs. I still fucks wit my boi Cole

    • Strong Enough

      I fucks wit both nigga

  • Will

    King Drake!

  • Extra Domus

    how the fuck is rapradar going to put drakes song on top of the g-unit reunion in the top 5 news feed…smh

    • LookingAssNigga

      They been gobbling his nuts wherever they go, nothing surprising with it.

  • CZO

    Honestly Drake might be the only person that can bring true hip-hop back.

  • Abe6772

    The beat is cool, but sharing my opinion to fans is like saying that drake is okay to a fan…

  • Extra Domus

    this is basically “believe me” with a different sample…

  • Extra Domus

    G-G-G-G-G-G-UNIT remixed this joint




  • RealDeal©Hill

    Drake stay runnin’ it. I hear you Drizzy