Drake & Lil Wayne Join Nicki Minaj At Summer Jam

nicki-drake summer jam

The Pick’Her Upper.

After pulling out two years ago, Nicki Minaj finally returned to the Summer Jam stage as last night’s penultimate act. During her set, she brought out recent collaborators Young Thug, Soulja Boy, and Lil Herb. Following her debut performance of “Pills N Potions“, she was joined by Tunechi and Drake for “Believe Me”.



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  • might be the most unsexy pants i’ve ever seen… ol’ diaper wearing ass. Plus she look like one of them witches from that old movie where they eat the soup and turn into mice


    • Faggot

    • intelligentsoul


    • MarloW187

      you a fuckin faggot

    • Mr. Real Talk

      Yo ur comment is some hating ass shit esp hating on a female. Where they do that at? But wow nigga I thought I was the only one that remembered that movie. I use to watch that shit all the time as a youngin

    • Brian B.Dot™ Miller

      who’s looking at her pants?

  • IKEEPIT100

    This bitch is fallen off so HARD!! Most boring performance , not memeorable what so ever since she claimed during her set it something noone will forget an her supposibly special guest were seen from a mile away …ohhh an soulja boi! Pshhhhhh bitch is losing it

  • Donn

    The blogs will eat up the GUnit reunion but the world went off when YMCMB. Twitter was exploding and the fans were loud as fuck. Say what u want but performing your old hits is cool but these niggas still putting out hits right now

    • real shit.

      • WAITAMINUTE!!!

        but Nicki was the ruler last night.

        • Mr. Real Talk

          Yo I don’t even like Nicki or Young Dummy, but they hands down had the best show

    • Dafuq

      Yea right nigga shut up. Your the dude that listens to Bieber and all that other gay shit

  • Troll The Duck

    Nicki ass so nice lol

  • FreSH82

    I can’t front YMCMB went hard as f**k.. (pause)

  • Jimj87

    Gonna be another ymcmb summer their very own big 3 keeps cash money alive
    … Nickis performance was tight! I was waiting for drizzy to come out when she did her verse on up all night or moment for life.. Nice surprise when he came out forWorst behavior…


      YESSS IT WAS! NICKI is really a great performer! I almost believed her when she said “I don’t fuc_ with Drake no more!” and then he comes out on Worst Behavior that was epic!

  • The Incredible Creation

    word. Lil Herb got less than 15 seconds of fame tho.. damn.. they could have let him at least get the whole verse out seeing as how that was his first time at Summer Jam and most likely his last.. *shrugs* whatever tho.. & that’ll probably be the most popular song he’s ever featured on smh http://theincrediblecreation.bigcartel.com/

  • I still can’t tell if when she said she don’t fuck with drake no more if it was supposed to be like “sike!” or if she really meant it on some “they makin me do this” type shit


      IT WAS PART OF THE ACT. Noticed he came out on WORST and they really are friends, they’re ok. NIKKI IS DEFINETELY THE BEST PERFORMER OF HOT97 2014 fest. She’s great! These men don’t have shit on her. All these men standing around each other looking suspect.

  • LOL

    Nicki needs to stop suckin Wayne’s dick so hard, bitch u from NY not the south.

  • BEE

    If you watched the show u would know ym ruled